I have 50 dollars for food for the next two weeks – So..

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      I have a severe dairy soy and egg allergy. Can you give me meal ideas for 2?

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        Pasta, rice, beans, tuna, oatmeal, canned soup, potatoes, carrots.

        I just finished eating tuna everyday for 4 months and got cans at the dollar store and Walmart.

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        Jade D.

          What do you already have? I’m assuming you have oil and seasonings…This is extremely low, I’d highly suggest taking advantage of local food panties.

          What I would do:
          – 2 canisters old fashioned oats for breakfasts
          – a large jar of cheap peanut butter for protein to the oats
          – 4 boxes of pasta (2 each for lunches each week, make garlic salt and oil to flavor the pasta)
          – 4 bags of yellow Spanish rice, 2 pounds dry black beans and a jar of cheap salsa. Cook up the beans and rice, mix and top with the salsa for a burrito like bowl. Make half one week, half the next.
          – a bag of popping corn (you can add 1/4 cup to a bowl with a lid and pop in the microwave. Sprinkle with a little oil and salt)

          Is it balanced? Absolutely not. But it’ll keep you fed and if you get to a food bank or two and you’ll get some vegg, some fruit and maybe a little meat too. I hope this helps you, and I hope things look up for you.

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            Pasta with olive oil, garlic, and whatever other seasonings you like. Basic spaghetti. Chili. Rice and beans. A bag of dried beans and a bag of rice can go a long way. Hot dogs, smoked sausage or keilbasa sliced and fried, then cook sliced potatoes and onions in the grease.

            See if anyone you know hunts or fishes, maybe they’d be willing to give you some meat.

            Don’t be afraid to visit a food pantry, they are there to help

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              This is what I would do.

              Bag of dried pinto beans

              Corn bread (4 meals from that)

              Bag of potatoes make potato soup.

              Use some potatoes make baked with canned chili on top

              Eggs, toast for breakfast

              Hamburger patties with can of cream of mushroom on top and mashed potatoes

              Left over mashed potatoes make tater patties, like pancakes with syrup

              Eggs sandwiches for lunches

              Grilled cheese with canned tomato soup

              That’s about 44 dollars total here. Leaving a little for butter, milk etc.

              You could do Mac and cheese with tuna in it

              Mac and cheese with frozen peas

              Mac and cheese with stewed tomatoes in it

              Just some ideas

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                Lentil stew. None of your allergies, high in protein and nutrients. Filling. Call 211 and ask for food banks in your area, then call and tell them about your allergies, they’ll build out a box for you.

                Explore these too: What are your favorite super frugal meals that don’t need an oven?

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                  Rice, chickpeas/whatever legumes, mixed frozen vegetables.
                  Bag of oatmeal/porridge for breakfast.

                  Bag of sliced bread (keep it in the fridge so it lasts) and some kind of spread.

                  You can do this!

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