I have 3 birthdays and Father’s day, and My parents anniversary coming up – I need gift ideas. I’m thinking roughly $30 each

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      A little info on these people.

      My daughter is turning 1. She is fiercely independent and really enjoys pulling things out of my cupboards over playing with her toys. Haha.

      My bestie loves to garden and cook from it, she loves being outdoors. She likes wine. She enjoys going to concerts, especially local bands.

      My mother (bday and anniversary) loves her grandkids and she loves crafting and diy stuff,, swimming, sweets, and tea.

      My fiance (Father’s day) is a plumber and works outdoors since he does installing, enjoys geocaching and being outside and our daughter is a Daddys girl.

      I think for my parents I’ll get them a gas card so they can fill up and go four-wheeling…

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        A great idea for 1 year old birthday is a box of tissues. They can pull out all the tissues and they have a blast. Super cheap and easy clean up.

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          For your daughter, I’d buy a toy second hand. At 1 my son really loved books with pull tabs and flaps. Or pajamas in the next size up. I wouldn’t bother spending too much money. My son didn’t care about his birthday gifts at all.

          For the bestie, maybe someone local could make a sublimation shirt with her favorite bands. Or terracotta self watering garden stakes and a bottle of wine. When she finished the bottle, she fills it with water, puts it in the stake and it waters her plants.

          For you mom maybe have your daughter make her something from Fired Up.

          For Father’s Day I got my husband a puzzle of him and our son. Last year he got a baseball with out son’s handprint and a cute saying.

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            For your best friend get some seeds for her to plant. For your daughter a play kitchen off marketplace and get play food from the dollar store. For you mom a frame picture of her and her granddaughter with a craft you can do together maybe decorate the frame.

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              I, like your mother, enjoy tea. I love my wooden tea caddy with the slots for different teas. I also have vintage tea tins. You can find these at the thrift store.

              Or, maybe she would enjoy some tea accessories e.g. a tea bag saucer/plate holder, honey spoons, infuser (for loose tea). Does she have a teacup with her birthday month on it? I have books on “tea time.”

              I would love it if someone gave me a tea party for my birthday.

              I suggested this for your mom’s birthday since I think you said you were getting the gas card for their anniversary.

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                Have you thought of a “gift card” for ANY of them, that states they get: whole morning/ afternoon/ evening, just you & them, somewhere peaceful,or fun. My parent have been gone for years. I would give anything to have just 4 hours with them.

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                  My oldest (June birthday also) got a water table from one of our friends for his first birthday and it’s still being played with 4 years later. Perfect gift for a summer baby and she will get tons of use out of it!

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                    Daughter – check out the Spark Create Imagine toys at Walmart – they have some really cute sets that are very inexpensive! Also, stacking cups, sorting shape set, soft stacking blocks, or a couple board books.

                    Friend – a garden kit (new gloves, seeds, etc.) and bottle of wine.

                    Fiancé – Amazon has cute daddy/daughter shirts; you may be able to find a plumber-themed one.

                    Mom – box of tea and a favorite sweet to go with them.

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                      If you are having a party for the 1-year-old you don’t need to get her anything. Make a “smash” cake and make it more about the celebration and getting messy with the cake. I imagine others will bring her gifts.

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                        I would make a card for everyone. Spend the day with mom, and husband doing something they enjoy. Maybe get husband a special coffee mug. Get a bottle of wine and hang out with friend. Buy a gift that your baby will enjoy and take her somewhere to enjoy for the day that is different any other.

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                          Okay, here are my thoughts. They may not be popular ones. Your daughter turning one, she’s not going to remember her first birthday. First birthday, The gifts you give her right now will be long gone by the time she’s old enough to remember a birthday. For your best friend, tickets to a local outdoor concert for the two of you so you can spend some time together. You can pack a picnic dinner to bring along and have some quality time with your friend. As for your mom, one of the best gifts I ever got was an adult education class with my oldest daughter. She paid for the class and we went and learned how to make gazing ball mosaics one evening. At the end I had a gazing ball and I had some great memories with my daughter. For your fiance, that’s a harder one. Is there something special he likes to do hunt, fish? Is he a big reader or does he like grilling?

                          There’s usually something pretty affordable in any of those categories. Or you and your daughter could make him a gift. A daddy t-shirt buy some fabric medium Michaels and Joanne’s carries that for about $2 and any acrylic paint mixed with that medium, will become permanent in a shirt. Can be washed. You could do your daughter’s handprints and footprints all over a black or blue T-shirt or a heart made out of her hands with the words my daddy has my heart. I think finding indulgent things to give people is great, but what we forget is what people want most is the gift of us.

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