I’d like some tips on saving money at every angle

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      Hello everyone! I’m looking for practical tips on how to save money in all aspects of life. Any advice on budgeting, cutting expenses, smart shopping, or any other area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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        Make lists and do your best to stick to the list.

        I hang dry my laundry on a clothesline and use a wringer washer which saves me so much on detergent and gives me exercise too. I clean and straighten the garage while wash is going so it helps me to keep decluttering the garage.

        Try to make all errands in one trip. Plant veggies even if you only have containers if no room for a full garden.

        Preserve most of your veggies and fruits and make jams.

        I buy local when buying berries, or pick at the farms.

        Reuse items and find creative ways of using otherwise items you think are not useful.

        Learn to quilt, almost any clothes can be cut into material pieces to make one. Or shopping at garage sales for material out of clothes etc…

        I shop second hand for most everything when possible. Making a challenge out of not spending more than necessary is something I enjoy.

        It’s not always about how much you earn, but how you choose to spend or not spend it.

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          Meal planning is a huge money saver. If you plan your meals around what you have on hand in your fridge and freezer, and what is on sale at the grocery store, and stick to your meal plan, you will save. Another big money saver is to never purchase brand new at regular retail prices.

          If you need something, look for it secondhand, look for it on sale, or borrow it.

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            Don’t grocery shop hungry LOL

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              Only take cash when you go shopping—and limit your spending.

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                Thrift stores, buy nothing/free groups on Facebook, marketplace and consignments shops are all great options for used items of all kinds. My daughter is 3 & besides a handful of new outfits, every single piece of clothing she’s ever worn was free/hand me downs.

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                  My cable and internet were 300 I cancelled cable. I bought a Roku stick and antenna and had Netflix. Now I just pay 55 for internet and 17 for Netflix. And have so many channels to choose from!!

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                    For food- cook from scratch. Limit meat. Several bean meals per week. We eat pancakes and eggs one day a week for dinner. Shop thrift stores first, snd even then, go looking for specific things you need. Cook extra and freeze for busy days. For your best clothes, shop clearance sales at end of season. Only eat out for special occasions. Wash and reuse plastic bags except the meat ones. Make what you can yourself. I make yogurt, bread and hummus and salad dressings. Skip recipes that use weird ingredients you have to buy that add up. Do your homework as to what grocery store is cheapest in your area. Unplug what you can when not using, turn off lights, limit shower time. Line dry clothes as much as possible. Resist impulse buying. If you think you want something, sit on the idea at least a day.

                    Have a separate account for saving for a car, real estate taxes, etc. get out of debt as much as you can and pay off your credit card every month. I only have one credit card. Try to develop the habit of only buying essentials. Save a certain amount at the beginning of the month, and what you have left over at the end of the month, bank it. And you don’t need as much detergent for washing machine and dish washer as they say.

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                      Do a no spend for 6 weeks. Unless you absolutely have to have it, don’t buy it. Use your freed up shopping time to inventory what you have. I recommend 6 weeks because I had credit card debt that was causing a lot of stress. Once I saw how much progress I’d made, my financial confidence went way up

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                        Plan out your menu using items on sale. Use a credits card that pays you cash back and pay it in full when due. For clothes try Goodwill or a consignment shop first. Look for free entertainment instead of paid things. Don’t exclude treating yourself to something but make sure its something special and you’ve budgeted for it.

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