I just unrolled a new rug. How do l get the wrinkles in it?

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      I recently purchased a new rug, an affordable indoor-outdoor one from Sam’s. However, upon unrolling it, I noticed that it has quite a few wrinkles. I’m wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue and has advice on how to effectively smooth out these wrinkles. I’m hoping for practical tips or techniques that won’t damage the rug but will help restore its original appearance.

      Your insights and experiences would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this situation and try to make the most out of my new purchase.


      Thank you in advance for your help!

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        Just let it be for a couple days it will lay flat as a pancake. No wrinkles.

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          The wrinkles will fall out over the next week or so, it’s just from being rolled up for so long.

          You can try to pull it as taught as possible and put heavy things on the edges to hold it, but it’s mostly just a waiting game!

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            Roll it up the opposite way for a couple of days.

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              Flip it on the back side and leave it like that for a couple of days. Then turn it over. It should lay flat after that.

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                I have used Ice cubes, and then a bit of weight to press it down.
                also, you could iron with a damp towel on the wrinkles, to “steam” the wrinkles out.

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                  I always spray my rug with warm water and put a towel underneath, so it doesn’t get my floor wet or ruin my hardwood floors depending on the flooring that you have. I also put something really heavy on the wrinkles.

                  If this isn’t work fold it directly back on the wrinkle and let it sit there for a few minutes and then fold it back.

                  I’m not sure if that makes sense or not but I always fold the wrinkle back onto itself, so it neutralizes it. So, to say.

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                    Roll the opposite way n put some heavy stuff on the ends over night. We’ve died up useing alien trope on the corners n it won’t hurt the floor.

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