What money-saving tips or tricks did you use this week?

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      Hello everyone, As we strive to be more financially savvy, I’m curious to hear about the money-saving strategies you’ve implemented recently. Whether it’s cutting back on expenses, finding great deals, or discovering new ways to save, your tips and tricks could provide valuable insights and inspiration for others in our community.

      So, what money-saving techniques have you employed this week? Perhaps you’ve found a clever way to reduce your grocery bill, saved on household utilities, or uncovered a hidden gem for budget-friendly entertainment. Whatever it may be, feel free to share your experiences and ideas with us.

      Your contributions could help others stretch their dollars further and achieve their financial goals. Let’s support each other on our journey to financial wellness!

      Thank you for your participation and valuable insights.

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        Finished paying back my savings account for very salty, once in a lifetime Rolling Stones tickets. Am debt free otherwise after being extremely frugal all my life and it felt so thrilling to splurge on great seats. Let’s just say they were about 1200/piece and I’m treating a girlfriend who is sadly getting divorced after forty years.

        I just told her they’re paid for and I want her to have something special to look forward to in June! She’s paying for our hotel, parking, and all other expenses. She was jumping for joy!


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          I mad 14 freezer crockpot meals using only items I had in the freezer or pantry. I have medical issues where some days I can’t stand more than a few minutes.

          These meals are a huge help on my bad days and much less expensive than eating out.

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            Made more of my baked goods and sold them. Got 30 pairs of blue jeans donated that I’ll be making a quilt out of plus many other projects, like reusable grocery bags.

            Saved on laundry again by washing in off peak hours and putting on drying rack putting moisture back in the house.

            We always prepare our meals at home, that’s an every week money saver.

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              I bought produce from the red bag area ($1 per bag), some pantry items at the clearance section. The staff was marking down a cart full of items. I stood there as she marked it down and put it in my cart. Some was for me and some was for the pantry. We had a sunny day do I solar charged my power banks. I hung a string of little led lights in my bedroom. I often need just the faintest amount of light.

              Honey was going to a store in another county and took my car because it needed gas. We save about .30 cents a gallon doing that. Made a casserole requesting 1# hamburger. I took out about a 1/3 to use later. He didn’t notice and will enjoy a big burger another time.

              Talked to our financial advisor about rolling over part of 401 to ROTH while we still have income coming in and moving more of my savings into more staggered CDs. We also discussed account availability of funds for gchild needing surgery and future care.

              Busy $$ week. TGIF!

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                Went to the thrift store on Monday. Found a new pair of Florsheim shoes for my husband who needed new dress shoes for work, his old but long worn leather ones finally cracked along the sole.

                We shop with a thrift list, things we need to replace etc and even the colour we want, etc.

                It has helped us really focus and then leave empty handed if we haven’t found what has met our selective criteria.

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                  Froze leftover waffles from last weekend and my kids at them twice this week!

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                    When I stopped at the grocery store for produce, I looked in on the meat dept…..found several packages of meat reduced . I bought a $16.00 reduced to $7.88.

                    A PKG of cubed steak reduced to $5.99

                    I brought them home repackaged into single serve portions and vacuum sealed them for future meals,

                    I drank more water and less soda.

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                      bought tools and parts and equipment to do my own home repairs, installed my own range hood, did a lot of stuff by myself, I figure I save THOUSANDS of dollars by doing it myself. Might as well try, I have nothing to lose, if I really screw up I can still hire somebody to fix it. So far everything has come out perfect and I am really happy with the results and proud for doing it all myself.

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                        Bought a much needed mattress from Costco. Waited until it was on sale and used my rewards to pay for almost half of it. Also baked bread which is a huge savings as the bread we like has gone through the roof!

                        Ground the wheat and very simple ingredients = much less expensive.

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                          Went to a new BJs Wholesale Club to look around/check prices. Husband and I wandered for 45 minutes. After much comparison, prices were barely lower than our current thrifty shopping. We would have to do a twenty mile round trip to shop there, out of our way. We didn’t join, didn’t buy a thing.

                          10 years ago we would have joined in a minute and purchased all sorts of stuff.

                          Felt so good to drive away with no stuff.

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                            Lit my wood burner in the morning to heat water for washing pots, bolied potatoes and veg for evening dinner. Cooked soup and boiled eggs for lunch. I have plenty of wood so saved on electric x

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                              I wanted to go to an shop after work but at work they asked for a few people to stay late so I said I would do it. I made some extra money and by the time I got ott the shop was closed. So I didn’t spend any extra money snd made some instead.

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                                I told my daughter my clothes are just going to have to fall off of me and be out of style. I refuse to pay the price of new clothes unless I get a super good bargain. No shopping other than a few groceries.

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                                  Buying 6 pair of used jeans for my grandson for $10. If he didn’t need them now, I would’ve waited for a yard sale, but I still consider this a win.

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                                    My breakfast today was the apple fritter I bought a few days ago. Warmed it up this morning & it was delicious!

                                    Lunch today is the sausage kolache I bought with the apple fritter. I’ll warm it up & dip it in mustard.

                                    Eating & loving leftovers

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                                      I cooked dinner for the week on Sunday afternoon. Three different casseroles, separated into microwaveable containers and put in the fridge. Everyone can pick what they want for dinner and reheat. Also helped me tell my son no to drive-thru after his baseball game and practices.

                                      I also made a breakfast casserole to cut down on premade frozen breakfast items to purchase.

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                                        Took my own drinks to work, instead of buying. Scored big sales at the grocery store, including a FREE lb. of pork sausage, and 88 cent chicken drumsticks.

                                        Instead of my hub and I going out for lunch today at the Mexican restaurant, I made unstuffed pepper soup (with the pork sausage) and air-fried the chicken for dinner tonight. And I read free current magazines on the Libby app.

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