Pretty new to investing and just want to learn how to make better financial choices for myself and the future

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      Hoping to get some insight and opinions here..

      I am 27 yrs old, living in southern CA. I make about 62k/year and have about 15k in student loans which I plan to pay off in the next few years. I am trying to learn more about investments and not really sure what direction to go in. I contribute 5% to my 401k, 10% in my Roth 401k (my company offers both), and 2% going to company stock. I have about 20k in savings, 15k of which is in a high yield savings account and the rest is reserved for planned travel. I also have about 30k in an old 401k that I was thinking about rolling over to my new 401k or just to a traditional IRA but not really sure which one is the best option for me. How do you figure out which one is the better option to do?

      I plan on opening a Roth IRA too but not really sure who/where to open an account with. I already have my current 401k with Fidelity.. is it better to just have it all in one institution or should I roll it over to a different institution?

      I also have been researching investment properties and thought about buying a property to use as a rental (most likely outside of CA).

      Is that even worth it to look at with interest rates so high at the moment? Or should I pay off my student loan first before trying to get a loan for a home?

      The other option is opening a brokerage account to start investing in stock but that too is all new to me.

      Any insight or advice is much appreciated..

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        I agree with paying off the student loans. Just get it over with.

        As for investing, any of the major platforms are good. Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab, etc. There’s really no point in using multiple institutions, just makes things more complicated. Just pick one you like and stick with it.

        Real Estate is always good as a category. But it’s ALL about finding and working the deal. Do a TON of research before getting into real estate. It’s easy to lose your hide.

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          1. Rolling over your old 401k: Both rolling over to your new 401k or opening a traditional IRA are viable options. When deciding, consider factors such as investment options, fees, and your overall investment strategy. Compare the available investment options and costs associated with each account type to make an informed decision.

          2. Opening a Roth IRA: Opening a Roth IRA is a good idea as it offers tax advantages. You can choose to open it with the same institution as your 401k (Fidelity, in your case) or with a different provider. Consider factors like fees, investment options, customer service, and ease of use when selecting an institution.

          3. Investment properties: Investing in rental properties can be a good long-term strategy, but it’s essential to carefully evaluate the market and conduct thorough research. Interest rates play a role in affordability, so it’s worth considering current rates, but they shouldn’t be the sole factor in your decision. It’s also important to weigh the potential returns, location, property management, and your ability to handle the responsibilities of being a landlord.

          4. Paying off student loans vs. investing: This decision depends on the interest rates of your student loans and your risk tolerance. If the interest rates are high, it may be beneficial to prioritize paying off the debt before pursuing additional investments. However, if the interest rates are low, you might consider investing while making regular loan payments.

          5. Opening a brokerage account: A brokerage account can be a great way to start investing in stocks and other securities. Consider factors like fees, investment options, research tools, and customer service when choosing a brokerage firm.

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            I think focus on increasing your income, pay off bad debt. Save more, and don’t make big mistake investing on penny stock, coin etc. If you going to have a brokerage accounts, be careful with it – it is not easy.

            You might win some big money, but eventually lose all after a few years.

            I’d rather buy apple whenever you hear stock market is crashing.

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              The best 401k or IRA is the one with the smallest fees. Vanguard IRAs are free sans whatever the tiny investment fees are. Low cost index funds in a rollover IRA are the way to go. Schwab has low fee investments too.

              Pick one of those and rollover the 401k to it and invest cheaply to save money or at least that is my advice.

              Explore these too: Do I contribute to a ROTH IRA, increase my 401K contribution, or somewhere in the middle?

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                Focus on getting rid of ur students loans ASAP. It astounds me how comfortable ppl are holding nonsense debt.

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