What should I buy at Aldi? Still newish

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      Hey there! I’m relatively new to shopping at Aldi and I’m looking for recommendations on what to buy. I’ve heard great things about Aldi’s affordable prices and unique selection, but I’m not sure where to start. Can anyone share their favorite Aldi products or must-have items that they always pick up during their shopping trips? Whether it’s pantry staples, fresh produce, snacks, or specialty items, I’m open to suggestions!

      Your insights and recommendations would be incredibly helpful as I navigate my Aldi shopping experience.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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        The red pepper hummus is excellent! My husband eats it with carrot sticks.
        The store brand of Doritos is so good!

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          Love their salsas they sell!! Produce is awesome too! And pretty much everything lol! Their protein ramen noodles they sell there are yummy too!

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            Because it’s affordable and awesome. Your car won’t be dinged by carts because people either return them to regain their quarter or gift them to another.

            You will be in/out in no time with the essentials (saving time and money without messing w/coupons) and often with a unique German chocolate, cute item for your home or a nice bottle of wine for $3… can’t best that!

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              I buy their German roast ground coffee, paper towels, half and half, eggs, specialty ice cream, baby wipes, kettle chips. And much more, but these are the things I buy only at Aldi.

              For comparison, eggs are close to $4 at other stores including Wal-Mart but $1.79 at Aldi.

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                Just made a list today of things that are way less than my nearby weekly grocery store (only get to Aldi every other month).

                Here’s a few great values:

                • Avocado Oil
                • Olive Oil
                • Sesame Oil
                • Spices…
                • Black Pepper
                • Steak Seasoning
                • Garlic Powder
                • Basil
                • Dijon Mustard
                • Organic Ketchup
                • Mayo
                • Steak Sauce
                • Sriracha Sauce
                • Blue Cheese Olives
                • Marinated Artichokes
                • Deli Turkey Slices
                • Butter
                • Pasta
                • Pasta Sauces
                • Frozen Ahi
                • Cheese Slices
                • Shredded Cheese
                • Pork Rinds
                • Artisan Flatbread
                • Parchment Paper
                • Plastic Wrap

                Most are condiments but I stock up on them because my nearby major grocery store charges almost double for some of the items!

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                  The spinach ravioli is amazing! I also love their cereal, the tiki Marsala/ butter chicken sauce, all their chocolate is good, cheese, the spices are always cheap, the dried cheese tortellini, any pasta sauce, the shells Mac and cheese (looks like velveta), and their seasonal.

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                    Chocolate!! And produce – I usually buy what looks good and on sale.

                    Usually, they have some berries like blueberries or strawberries for under $2. I like their hummus special weekly finds for frozen food. I got a key lime cheesecake for like $10 that I stored in the freezer and kept on hand for a party in case in came up.

                    So good!

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                      I buy a lot of my groceries at Aldi. Some of my favs are the frozen waffles, syrup, cheese, half & half (creamer for coffee), fruits, vegetables, salad dressings and the ho ho snack cakes are the best!

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                        I buy a lot from Aldi. I really like their German roast coffee, also their fresh salmon, oh and the apple danish yum! Chocolate. Chocolate and did I say chocolate?? I use their owl red wine mostly for cooking. I have drank it too, and surprisingly it doesn’t give me a headache like most cheaper ones.

                        The produce depends, some will not last very long. I buy just enough to consume for a few days. I freeze some too. Overall, it’s good. BUT I always have bad luck with their strawberries.

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                          All your baking supplies for sure. Chocolate chips sooo much cheaper and great. They even have my lactose free milk. Eggs and bread are always a deal. Their crackers of all kinds are great too.

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                            The cheese and dairy are a good price. Most produce is not really fresh but citrus and bananas good. Really inspect produce, smell, squeeze.

                            I find them hit or miss.

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                              We almost exclusively shop at Aldi. We love their freeze dried strawberries and apples for our toddler. They have great breads and snacks. Cheeses, freezer veggies, creamer, OJ, milk, eggs, dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc). We also love stocking up on pantry staples (sugar, flour, chocolate chips, brown sugar, etc) because I do a lot of baking.

                              Spices, pasta sauce (the orange lid is our favorite), whole wheat spaghetti, canned goods, their Millville cereals are great, oats, basically everything.

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                                They have good meat! The pork and chicken doesn’t smell when you cook it. Their produce is good and we love the cheese selection. My husband love their chocolates.

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