Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day: Dining Out and Homemade Delights

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      My husband wanted to take me out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. I hated to spend the money, but we went to an Italian restaurant in town, and escaped with a $22.00 plus tip bill, which was resonable for sure. Then, we came home and rented a movie for $4.99. Today, I made homemade Chicken Pot Pie in these cute heart shaped ramekins for my Valentine.

      Valentines Day

      So, a nice Valentine’s Day celebration for us, and it didn’t break the bank too bad.

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        How on earth was an Italian dinner including tip only $22? That would be salad where I am.

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          Please don’t hate that … I’m walking the journey of grief , sadness with two of my best friends that lost their husbands last year , yesterday was so hard for them.

          One was a very unexpected death so please enjoy, cherish these times

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            ❤️ the ramekins,, homemade meals the best shared with your other half plus,, a movie . Would you kindly share the recipe thanks

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              Marsha great idea on going the day after. I can remember husband and ai trying to go out on Valentines Day no parking spaces crowded restaurants slow and poor service because the staff was so overwhelmed not a good day to have a nice romantic dinner.

              Even with reservations just not a good thing.

              I worked in a small family owned candy store Valentines Day was the worst holiday.

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                Those red ramekins made it special—they’re really cute!

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                  When you are with your love, you don’t necessarily need to spend big bucks for a celebration. My dear husband and I never splurged on Valentines Day, but we had a special day.

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                    My hubby bought me half price candy today. He knows my frugal heart was happy to wait a day for treats.

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                      Love this about the dinner and extending celebration to next day!

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