What Sleep Apps do you Love (that are free or reasonably priced and worth the money)?

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      Hi there, I’m on the lookout for sleep apps that you love and find helpful. While I’ve come across a few good ones, I’ve noticed that many of them offer limited features in their free versions, and the full-access options can be quite pricey.

      Could you please share your favorite sleep apps that are either free or reasonably priced but still offer great value for the money? Whether it’s for tracking sleep patterns, providing calming sounds, or offering guided meditation sessions, I’m open to any suggestions.

      Your input and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you!

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        Personally, I would look at just downloading Libby and borrowing a few audiobooks to listen to at night to send myself off to sleep.

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          I use ASMR, slow smooth jazz or nature sounds like the rain. All on YouTube.

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            Insite timer it’s free and you can make your own sleep tone. Had it for years?

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              Calm has seriously been a game changer for my son that struggled falling asleep. The free trial was great but the monthly cost was a bit higher than I wanted.

              We ended up buying a lifetime subscription on a Black Friday deal because we use the app every night and our sanity is worth it!

              Worth a look: What app is everyone using to upload grocery receipts for cash back? Is it worth doing?

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                If you have an echo dot and Alexa, you can ask her to play Binary Beats. It helps me.

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                  I love bedtime stories to fall asleep to. I listen to Nothing Much Happens. Free to listen to on YouTube.

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                    I bought a sleep machine at goodwill. Tap it once the light goes on and tap it more than two seconds and noise maker turns on.

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                      We have an Amazon dot in our bedroom. We pay $0.89 a month for babbling brook. They have other sounds but that’s the one we like.

                      We can also play it on our phones when we travel.

                      Take a peek at: Is the Headspace meditation app worth the price?

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                        I downloaded the free White Noise app to my phone. It has an amazing number of sounds. At home I run a large fan next to me. When I travel I use this app.

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