What are your fav recipes for making lunches for the week?

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      I need to cut down on going out to eat during my lunch breaks. These inflation prices are so annoying. I love Cava but $12 for a bowl now, really? And almost $7 for a tiny cup of soup at Panera? Anyway what are your fav recipes for making lunches for the week? Please copy and paste the recipes here. Thanks!

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        What I’m going to post was from 2017 in a grocery group I was a part of… So, the prices might be a little bit off, but the point is still the same to prepare in advance, and then you will not overspend later.

        OK so here goes… I did a quick food shop yesterday and bought what I needed for sandwiches. (When you’re going to freeze the meat it’s important that it’s fresh.)

        To actually physically prep the food, it took under an hour to make a total of 11 sandwiches from start (taking everything out and prepping) to finish (physically getting everything in the freezer and cleaning up!)

        We stuck with Ruben sandwiches this Time. We are expecting the summer to be busy and not necessarily making a traditional dinner that my husband will be able to take to work the next day, remember he’s very picky. So having 11 sandwiches prepped and ready to go will certainly help us in the months ahead!

        So, I bought two loaves of rye bread (299 each), laid them out, put a slice of Swiss cheese (23 slices of Swiss cheese was $4.89) on every one of the slices, took the pound and a half of shaved corn beef ($16.43) and divided that among the sandwiches.

        1643+489+598 totals $27.30 or less $2.50 a sandwich. (although I should add some in for the Ziploc bags, tinfoil, and the small containers, so let’s say less then three dollars a sandwich then, I think that’s probably a better estimate)

        Also note that I already purchased the sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing three months ago when I did this the first time, so that was already let’s say 6–7 dollars already paid for, so that worked out great since I already had it in the house.

        * The Ziploc bags can completely be reused. I think the last time I did this was probably three months ago. I made almost 20 sandwiches then. I made Italians and Reubens. Those sandwiches lasted 3–3 1/2 months, see previous sandwich post if you’re curious!

        This honestly is a huge saver for my husband and I. Aside from having a lunch ready already since we just take it out the night before!!!

        wrapping the sandwich in tinfoil allows my husband to put it right into the toaster oven and heat it that way. I recently purchased a toaster oven for him to keep in his office!

        Hope all of this helps. I’ll post pictures in s second.

        Worth a look: Recipes for frozen strawberry & blueberry cakes, crumbles, muffins, or breads?

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          Google copycat recipes for Panera soups and Cava bowls. Best of both worlds!

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            I meal prep all my meals. Everyone always admires my salads. What gets me is why whine over how much take out is when you already know you save more packing your lunch and snacks. Do the math.

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              Red beans and rice! Cheap, but delicious!

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                I just buy turkey meat, cheese and bread and have a yogurt with it. Dinner, I get more creative.

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                  You can always make extra food for dinner and take leftovers for lunch. This is what I used to do mostly. Another thing you could do to cut down the spending… is make that Panera bread soup copy cat at home. And what is in the Cava bowl? Can you make it at home?

                  I used to make subway copy cat sandwiches at home and take for lunch. Other ways…

                  Eat out once a week and take your lunch the other days, or take food from home and maybe only get a soup from Panera.

                  Take a peek at: I need some new breakfast recipes, I prefer to keep breakfast under $5

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                    I only go out once a week.
                    It’s crazy expensive.
                    Something needs to change.

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                      I made mason jar salads. You can make a whole weeks worth on Sunday and you’re good to go! I always got compliments on how great they looked in the work frig.

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                        My go to lunches are salads or sandwich with fruit and other snacks.

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                          I love tiny charcuterie board type lunches, small chopped salads, meat/fish type salads, hummus, soups I can eat cold, chopped sandwiches on rolls, pasta salad. I buy divided containers and plates at Dollar Tree.

                          I avoid the microwave at work, its interior is questionable.

                          Have fun, you can really get creative.

                          Additionally, consider: I need ideas for a few meatless meals that won’t break the bank and are edible

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                            Still eating out but more affordable. I like to get a family meal from flame broiler and eat it for my lunches for the week.

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                              Look on Pinterest for copycat recipes! I find that if I plan ahead for 4 meals, I can eat out on the fifth day.

                              I’ll make a crock pot meal and cook rice. I can freeze everything and h the next day I can have variety.

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                                I make a big pot of either chicken or beef vegetable soup in my insta pot and bring that all week. Add a piece of fruit for dessert. Maybe add a sandwich for something different.

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                                  I generally make dinner with having enough for lunch the next day in mind. I also usually bring a yogurt, piece of fruit and like granola bar or something else for breakfast and snacking.

                                  Soup’s really easy to make but if you’d rather not they sell the premade Panera in the markets.

                                  Not cheap but a lot less than buying there.

                                  You might also be interested in: Planning an event for about 60 people

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                                    Leftover dinner. Or Ramen with extra bits ordered from Ramenbae. Add soft boiled egg if you like

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                                      Make lunch the night before so you can grab and go. If you like a hot lunch invest in containers appropriate. Think outside the box, fix a tastey new treat!

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                                        The easiest lunches are 1/2 of one of those chopped salad bags topped with cubes chicken.

                                        I also make soup and bring portions in along with cheese and crackers.

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