Frugal hobbies you enjoy? Not to monetize, just for fun

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      Hello everyone, I’m currently looking for some frugal hobbies that I can enjoy in my spare time without breaking the bank. I’m not necessarily interested in turning these hobbies into money-making ventures; rather, I’m seeking activities that I can genuinely enjoy for leisure and relaxation purposes.

      If you have any suggestions for frugal hobbies that you personally enjoy, I would love to hear about them! Whether it’s crafting, gardening, cooking, or any other activity that doesn’t require a significant financial investment, I’m open to exploring new interests.

      Your recommendations could include DIY projects, outdoor activities, reading suggestions, or anything else that you find fulfilling and budget-friendly. I appreciate any insights or ideas you can share to help me discover some enjoyable hobbies without breaking the bank.

      Thank you in advance for your input!

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        Does reading count? I’m always utilizing our local library.

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          Collecting beach glass.

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            Knitting and crocheting can be frugal if you buy sweaters at the thrift store and reclaim the yarn.

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              If owning 3 horses, one BLM donkey, 2 mini donkeys, and a Hinny. I enjoy riding my horses and entering Gymkhanas. Gymkhanas cost me 25.00 a month to enter.

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                Crochet can be frugal. I was gifted tons of yarn. When I do buy, I buy on sale and I don’t normally work on huge projects.

                This mushroom basket cost $1.50 to make.

                mushroom basket

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                  I love to do jigsaw puzzles, but good quality brands can be expensive. There are several local FB people that sell ones they have done for $5 each.

                  They are people I trust to ensure all the pieces are there.

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                    I upcycle plastic grocery bags in to totes and purses. People save their bags and even collect from others for me so they don’t end up in the landfill. I process them to make the plarn and crochet away. Completely free project.

                    I always have gifts that people love and sometimes I sell them on the side.


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                      Bread baking and pizza making.

                      Some gadgets can get pricy but if you actually use them as opposed to collecting multiple versions of them lol then it makes it back in money saved.

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                        Reading, gardening with dollar tree seeds and thrifted pots/planters, and watercoloring.

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                          I’ve been writing fiction for over 30 years now. Started out with notebooks but was gifted a new iPad and Apple Pencil and I shelled out like $20 for an app that turns my screen into lined “pages” so I can work on multiple stories without having to carry paper and a pen around.

                          (I get horrible writers block if I try to type out my stories. I HAVE to write things out).

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                            Cross stitch.

                            I get free or cheap patterns on Etsy, floss is cheap (I got a ton for $.05 per skein at an estate sale too), Aida can be purchased in large rolls too. You can often get little kits on sale for $3-4 on the Michael’s app. I started with those kits.

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                              Junk journaling, and junk journal bookmarks (I make and donate to the local libraries). Diamond paintings. Reading. Walking outside/seeing new parks or little towns etc

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                                I foster cats and kittens. The rescue pays for all of the food, supplies and vetting!

                                I just help socialize animals and give them a place to hang out until their forever homes are found.

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                                  Gardening and landscaping, travel, I dehydrate foods and make trail meals, reading, cooking challenges and food pantry meals.

                                  I run 2 pantries and 1 has a Facebook page. I volunteer with the homeless and collect things for them. When someone gets housing with a kitchen, I do their first grocery shopping and supply a recipe book for the foods I get.

                                  Hopefully, I am teaching some healthy inexpensive meals they can make.

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                                    I have a “junk journal”! It’s a scrapbook of paper scraps and other cute odds and ends that I pick up throughout my day!

                                    I collect all the pieces over a week or so and then sit down and create when I have time!

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                                      I think sewing is very frugal, especially clothes repair and reuse. I did most of my sewing by hand for years.

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