As a parent is it wrong to be frugal about school costs like year books?

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      Is it bad parenting to only feel high school year book is important? Please don’t parent shame me.

      I want to do the morally right thing but I’m wondering if this is an absolute buy. I will buy if necessary. I’m just checking.

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        Worth it in my opinion. I’m 28 and still find it entertaining to look back through my yearbooks and my kids love it too. I also would have been really upset if my mom ever didn’t buy me one.. I looked forward to it every year.

        We didn’t have them at my elementary school though, so I only got them in 6th-12th grade.

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          Get the yearbook. My kiddo enjoys hers. Eliminate other purchases that are quickly forgotten. Yearbooks are worth the expense.

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            My parents never bought us year books. Not even for senior year. I don’t feel like I missed out.

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              My mom only bought me my senior yearbook in highschool.. I survived.

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                I’m very frugal and I think yearbooks are 100% worth it.

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                  I have every year elementary-high school. They mean a lot to me!

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                    It’s nice to look back on. I don’t have any from my childhood. Memories are forever. Life is too short. Get the yearbook.

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                      Buy it. It’s a big deal to have one for friends to sign.

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                        Nothing is an “absolute buy”. But yearbooks mean alot to alot of people. Perhaps a bit less now with the rise of social media, but they’re still quite important to many. Have you asked your child if they want a yearbook?

                        If they say yes, I’d buy it, and if they say no, then don’t.

                        Give these a glance: What are some frugal ways you enjoy life?

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                          I buy one their last year in a school. So for us elementary ends in 4th, then 6th, 8th, 12th.

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                            I regretted paying for mine. Parents wouldn’t pay so I did and I regret it. I hated high school though, so that might be why.

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                              I still have most of mine if not all. My fiancé and I found out while dating we went to the same middle school so it’s fun to look back. I’m sentimental though. I don’t think he has any cause he’s not.

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                                My family could never afford to buy the yearbooks and I was sad every year and now I don’t have much to look back on.

                                I would get the year books if you can swing it.

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                                  I always felt like the only kid that never got a year book and was always so ashamed. I only got one in fifth grade, eighth grade, and senior year of high school. Looking back now I don’t feel like I needed one for every year and I hardly look at them.

                                  But it definitely felt like a much bigger deal as a kid.

                                  Now that I have had a few friends who have passed away, I wish I had some of those photos from yearbooks I don’t have though.

                                  Also, check out: What has surprised you the most about frugality?

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                                    Pass! I just buy the school pictures of my child not the year book. The following year they go on sale for $10, so ask if that’s an option.

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                                      Yearbooks bring back memories you would otherwise forget with old age.

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                                        I’m 29 and I still have all of mine dating back from preschool, I still look at them sometimes! Definitely worth it in my opinion.

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                                          I like looking through mine but I rarely do. I’ve only looked at them a handful of times since graduating. Pretty sure my parents bought all of them throughout elementary and middle then only my senior one in highschool. I only know where my senior one and a couple from elementary and middle school are. The rest have been lost to time.

                                          If I were you, I’d buy one in elementary, one in middle, and one in highschool. Or you could get one of your kid made a new significant friend or were involved in some big event that is pictured in that particular book.

                                          Have you seen: After an expensive weekend with friends, do you feel the need to be extra frugal?

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                                            It may seem frivolous to buy as an adult, but to a kid it is a huge deal, especially if all their classmates have them and are swapping them for signatures. If you are in a position where buying it won’t break the bank, it will mean a lot.

                                            If it will make it hard to afford groceries, then skip it.

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                                              My parents only bought my 8th grade, end of middle school, and 12th grade, end of high school books. I think that was fine, I was able to participate in passing around the books for signing in my senior year and have that experience.

                                              But now at 26 I think I’ve only looked at them one or two times in all those years.

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                                                Yearbooks are good for the memories. Also, I remember that at the end of the year when everyone would sign them the kids who didn’t have one to get signed always seemed embarrassed.

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                                                  I still have every single one I ever got, I’m 29 now lol! I was able to pull out an old friend’s # from when she wrote in the back at the end if the year to let her know one of our friends passed last year.

                                                  Also it’s nice to go back, see what I was doing and looked like and see the things friends and teachers wrote in the signing pages in the back. I cherish mine!

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                                                    If you can afford it, get it. If you can’t, don’t. I never got a year book and I haven’t ever sat there going “gee I wish I had a yearbook to page through”

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