Is if I’m willing to pay my debt why is it that a collector tells me if I don’t pay this much they can’t work with me?

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      I’m willing to pay something and I feel that’s better then nothing.

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        Legally and morally you owe what you borrowed BUT if it’s in collections it was sold for pennies on the dollar and typically if you keep pestering them to pay in discount they will allow that.. don’t let them bully and scare you.

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          They do not have to accept a payment plan. And whatever you do, get everything in writing. It’s not valid unless it is.

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              Had this happen when my son got cancer and I had to quit my job. I offered an amt below monthly payment and they said no. Multiple times. They finally sued me a few years later and now I’m paying for it. Nothing I could do at the time.

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                Because you owe them the ENTIRE amount, so they can take as much as they want to settle the debt for that you owe in full.

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                  They’re trying to pressure you! So you say this is it, this is what I can pay and pay that amount !! Don’t let them pressure you and/or get your Debit card or bank account information.

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                    Just send in the same amount of payment that you can pay same time each month for 3 months. This will create a payment plan whether the creditor arranged it or not and they do not return any of the payments.

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                      They’ll take what you offer them. They can’t and won’t deny any payment sent to them, even if it’s $5/month. Technically it’s a payment so they aren’t legally allowed to say you aren’t paying.

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                        You have the power because, like you said, if you don’t pay anything, they don’t get anything. They are just trying to scare you. But stick to your guns. Tell them that you can only afford to pay this much. Take it or leave it. Then get a side hustle. Save enough to negotiate with. When you have a big sum, ask them to discount the debt. Tell them, I have this much in cash. Would you settle the whole debt for this much? If they say yes, get it in writing. Then pay them. Don’t give them anything unless you get the settlement agreement in writing. Don’t give them access to your bank account. Just send them the payment.

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                          Their job is to get you to pay more. They also lie for a living. Just ignore the goober on the phone and send them what you have decided to send them.

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