Never received a bill – Would all of this affect my credit score?

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      In September I went to the ER. Never received a bill. A few months ago I got a call from collections. I said “wait, why didn’t I get a bill?” She said the hospital didn’t have my address and that’s why I didn’t get it. Wait… if they didn’t have my address (why not is a different question), did they use my insurance? She said that she didn’t know and will contact the hospital for itemized bill.

      Called me back after awhile and if course they didn’t submit a claim. I got her my insurance info. Yesterday I got another call from collections. Another bill; that’s the co-pay. Again – why didn’t I get a bill?

      This new lady said that the hospital mailed me a bill as well as did collection. Read me the address where those bills were mailed and that’s the hospitals address.

      My question is (sorry for the long story): Would all of this affect my credit score and is there anything I should do besides paying my bill after I get it?

      I haven’t seen this show on my Experian but I don’t monitor the other 2.

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        Medical doesn’t hit your credit anymore. Just pay it.

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          So the hospital didn’t have your address, but went through all the energy and effort itself and with the collection agency to find your phone number and call you to provide you a penalty?

          Or they had your information to begin with and wanted to make your life hell by taking you through collections?

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            If they billed you wrong you may not need to pay. I had a surgery and the surgery location billed correctly but not tinge Dr who did the surgery. Didn’t get a bill until after six month. My insurance company never even got the bill. They require bills within the first 90 days. So since they didn’t even bill my insurance in time they had to eat this cost and basically Dr was never paid. They had all insurance information. Someone made a clerical error.

            So, I would push that they didn’t bill your insurance in time and therefore it is their fault.

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