Sofa dying… Is it doable?

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      Please excuse the mess surrounding the sofa, But I’m looking for some advice please…

      We love this chair, but I cannot stand the colour of it, it’s an awful orange which does not match our navy, grey and gold theme.

      Sofa dying… Is it doable? What works best? Is it durable once done? Help a woman out please.

      Also included a close up of the colour and fabric.

      Thank you in advance!

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        Ps forgot to say they are universal hun for any chair , I usefully pick according to the most similar chair shape to mine ….

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          Get the chair cover on the colour that you like and get smaller cushion for it it we’ll look well.

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            IV seen adverts lately for bauble faux fur cover they look to be very good and comfy I’d try that B4 I’d try n dye if you need to dye it but Dylon colour dye for clothes take chair outside get an empty spray bottle mix the dye with water 2/1 (2 dye to 1water) spray leave to dry repeat if needed.

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              Not sure if you dyed it,,, it would work,, some loose covers would be great, it looks a basic style, so hopefully not too expensive too cover,,, so glad your keeping it,, i made the mistake of getting rid of a really comfy lazy boy chair, because the colour was wrong. I still regret it,

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                Hi, I’ve bought fabric paint before and I have to say I didn’t like it, its thick and gloopy and leaves a rubbery feel to your fabric. I reckon you might be better off looking for a loose cover for it – am sure you can buy then without having them made to fit (which would be so much more expensive), or how about contacting your local college? If they do needlecraft courses, you might be able to get it recovered cheaply x

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                  Try the SofaSofa website for good loose covers. Find an armchair style that looks like yours, ccheck the measurements and just order one armchair loose cover in your chosen colour.

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