Is DIYing fall maintenance for a new house cost-effective?

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      Hi I’m looking to buy a new house. I’m on my own doing this. I’m thinking of all the things a new house needs done in the fall and trying to think of ways to do these things to save money here is what I’ve thought of that might need done: getting the gutters cleaned out, clean the coils on back of fridge, clean the dryer vent outside, clean the air conditioner unit and shut it down for winter.

      Should I try do these on my own to save money?

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        I do these on my own and have for 20 years. If you can physically, do it, then no reason to pay.

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          It pays to have a furnace cleaning at least in the fall. They found a broken part in mine that affected the gas usage, and would have been $450 but was covered by my warranty, besides, the furnace just needs cleaned periodically.

          If you get Val Pack in the mail, they always send AC/furnace cleaning coupons in the spring and fall. Also, this is a big warning: here where I live, we have cold snowy winters.

          I cover my AC unit to keep dirt, leaves, branches, etc out of the unit.

          MAKE SURE you cover your unit correctly, there are covers that go around the entire unit, and some only cover the top.

          My particular AC unit cannot be covered on the sides, it’s how the furnace ‘breathes’ so covering the sides would cause the unit to burn up. I only cover the top, per my furnace man’s instructions.

          I know you’ll use your good common sense. Just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should.

          I never ever felt secure on a ladder so I would never ever clean my gutters. Instead, I installed gutter covers. Pay for themselves in about two years. Get decent ones, don’t go too cheap. And like everyone else here said, YouTube videos are very helpful. Just use common sense and don’t try to do work that’s out of your pay grade.

          Good luck and congrats on the new home!

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            YouTube videos can show you how to do all of this on your own! There are instructional videos for everything out there.

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              I love you tube for learning how to do things. I’m a hands on gal so sometimes I need to look at the video 10 times but then it finally makes sense. My body will not climb a ladder to do roof things but I hire that done.

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