What has surprised you the most about frugality?

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      For those embracing frugality, what aspect of this lifestyle has been most surprising to you? Whether it’s the unexpected savings in certain areas, the creativity required to live within your means, or the positive impact on your overall well-being, share your insights and experiences.

      From discovering new budget-friendly habits to realizing the true value of money and resources, I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

      Join the conversation and let’s explore the unexpected surprises of embracing a frugal lifestyle together!

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        It enables me to be grateful and not take things for granted.

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          You know the euphoria you feel when you buy something? Well I feel that same feeling when I’m able to save money on something.

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            At first, you feel like you’re losing freedom. But after figuring it out, you realize the amount of freedom that comes with frugality!

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              Guilt about all the money I’ve wasted.

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                How much I have enjoyed becoming a minimalist. I started planning to move into an RV in 2018, started a no-spend in 2020 and got on the road in 2023.

                Simply by not replacing stuff, I’ve been able to move into a life that allows me mental clarity and peace of mind.

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                  That if you stick with it for a while you can reach your financial goals.

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                    That buying quality and investing up front is the best way to be frugal. A lot of people think that cheap is frugal, and it’s not.

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                      It’s fun! I love the challenge of not buying stuff. I make do and get creative.

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                        That people don’t see it as an act of voting with your wallet to influence better product offerings in the economy that’s always trying to extract your hard earned dollars.

                        I take my frugality as an act of defiance and rebellion against that abusive economic system.

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                          That many of the “tips and tricks” I see are actually just the way I was raised by my parents.

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                            That you don’t need much to live and be comfortable every day.

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                              Frugality doesn’t mean you have to be a minimalist. I can buy quality things second hand, repurpose things, and save up cash to buy high priced items rather than putting on credit card.

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                                It teaches appreciation, humility, being content, resourcefulness, how to use one’s common sense. Our country was built on God and these things- that is what made us a great country.

                                Greed has brought us down!

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                                  The more you do it, the more fun it gets, if you see it as a puzzle, a challenge. As you see how it helps or get good deals, etc.

                                  I even had a dream and right before I woke up I was saying “That was supposed to cost a dollar.” I laughed as I woke up, I am being frugal in my dreams!

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                                    I was born in 1951 to parents who lived in London when it was being bombed. I knew frugal living from the day I was born. I now live simply on a narrow boat. No central heating…just a multifuel burner. All my coal and wood I bring to my boat on a pull along wagon. I don’t have a flushing loo…I have to empty the toilet cassette (a box under toilet pan) in a designated place every week…I take on my wagon.

                                    I live peacefully and happily in my frugal life…nothing surprises me.

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                                      Nothing. I’ve been this way my whole life. Maybe surprised more people aren’t especially last few years. All I see is a lot of complaining but very little changes in habits and lifestyle in real life.

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                                        How hard it is to let go of when you want to splurge.

                                        The surprising number of people that shame others when they feel someone isn’t practicing their level of Frugality.

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                                          I find it immensely satisfying to utilize practical common sense, gain more value than is generally received at the same time cutting back on waste and environmental damage. Ben Franklin, while a wealthy man in his day was enormously frugal, practiced it and wrote about it.

                                          In fact, many of his ideas are still in wide use today. What could be a more rewarding and practical ideal?

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                                            That more people don’t do it. Who cares about having brand new that you can find just as good used. Wrap your head around that and you’ll save so much money!!

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                                              Easier then I thought. And there’s definitely a learning curve and it takes a little time to get going. But it spreads like wild fire fire to so many areas in your life. I think about frugality in pretty much all I do. I can’t believe how much food I have wasted in my life.

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                                                It’s amazing how much better for the environment it is.

                                                It’s also a mental challenge to “make do” sometimes, and nice to have things on hand that I got on sale/clearance, so I don’t have to run to the store all the time (but, being transparent, it can also be difficult to find what I’m looking for if I’m not realistic about what we’ll use and don’t have things organized).

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                                                  It’s addicting and it’s a challenge. My mother was fantastic at it. She loved to haggle. She lived in Arizona, and she would go down into Mexico where they’ve got the street markets, and she would haggle with them if they didn’t give her the price that she wanted and she didn’t really need it.

                                                  She just passed it by another time. If she really wanted it, she’d haggle it she’d get it, didn’t she sometimes pass it off to his daughters she said sometime she did just for pure entertainment.

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