What frugal step did you take this week to save money?

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        I stayed home all week because I’m sick. No commute costs, no eating out, no stress snacks. Didn’t spend one dime.

        I’m, also, grateful that I keep cold and flu medicine in stock so I don’t have to go to the store when I don’t feel well.

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          Taking care of the preventative medical stuff now, paid by insurance, to avoid paying more later.

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            Consolidated errands to save gas and time.

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              Paid cash for anything I had to purchase..no debit card..kept me to my budget. No little extra purchases added on at the grocery store, gas station etc. doing my purchases that way made me mindful of my spending.

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                Cut spare plexiglass to make dog barrier for bottom of metal security screen door. Saved at least $30.

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                  Skip Valentine’s day for myself, saved a ton of money.

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                    Making pizza at home saves about $25. It is goood and the ingredients add up to about $10 for one very large pizza or 4 calzones. We load it up with sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni veggies and cheese.

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                      I quit cigarettes!

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                        I wasn’t gonna get to see my grandblessings until after Valentine’s Day. So instead of buying them the little gifts, on or before Valentine’s Day, my sister and I went yesterday and bought Valentine’s chocolate and gifts at half off.

                        Didn’t have to pay full price.

                        Also, check out: I just want to say that it’s OK to throw things away once you have used them

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                          I’ve changed from tissues to handkerchiefs! Added benefit, no forgotten tissues in pockets shredding in the wash!

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                            Took a trip to help aging parent move. Used Upside app and Walmart+ to save on gas, used AAA discount at hotels, bought prepared meals at grocery store to save eating out (no cooking as clearing out house).

                            Also made 3 household repairs myself by asking advice at hardware store and using you tube videos.

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                              Made one pot of bean vegetable soup.
                              Made an egg bake.
                              Bought discount breads.
                              Nothing for Valentine’s Day.
                              Had to save for birthdays.

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                                One of my kids is turning 15 this week. I have used this same Dollar Tree banner for all family members for at least 10 years.

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                                  Clearance and shop the sales at grocery store . Bulk is not always cheaper do the math . A case of spaghetti sauce while it’s on sale ! Saved 32.12! Yippy

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                                    I used a crystal deodorant rock that I wet and rub on my skin and it works a treat! But I have neuropathy and often drop it so it chips or shatters.

                                    I figured out how to take all the little unusable shards and put them in a small glass jar with a bit of water, pop them in the microwave for a minute on high to melt them, and it solidifies into a usable rock again!

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                                      Continued with my resolution to order water with the few meals we eat In restaurants . A small thing, but saves $2.50- $ 3.00 every time.

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                                        I drank coffee at work for free instead of making any at home. I didn’t go out to eat despite wanting to go on several occasions I fought the temptation and ate no takeout or fast food all week.

                                        I eat my lunch at work at my desk instead of driving anywhere saving me gas money and the temptation from driving through a drive- thru.

                                        I bought 2 cosco chickens and got 2 dinners and 3 lunches out of it and still have more in the fridge.

                                        I went to the free indoor walking club my parks & Rec offers instead of joining a gym, the nice thing is I have to care for kids everyday after work and I can bring them along with me and I couldn’t do that at the gym.

                                        I bought the 98 cents Valintine’s Day cards for the kids to hand out at school instead of buying the pricey ones.

                                        I bought chocolate covered strawberries from grocery store instead of buying them from the specialty fudge shop I wanted to buy them from saving me $10 as I would of spent $10 more on the same amount of strawberries at the specialty shop. I haven’t box dyed my hair this month out of laziness but it’s saved me $12 this month. I hung my laundry up to dry instead of using the dryer. I’m going to meal prep today for the week since it’s my day off and go to the walking club getting in my free steps.

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                                          Didn’t go get the steak dinner that we wanted on Valentine’s Day. We live in California we wanted to go to Black Angus or outback steakhouse and we priced it online and realized by the time we got out of there it was going to be over $200 for the both of us for a steak dinner, and Drinks. No thank you. We made sandwiches at home. We put our phone down we turn the TV off and we just spent time together talking. that was worth more than any steak could ever be.

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                                            No money spent. Cooked a few frugal meals. Opened a jar of home canned turkey soup and another of plain turkey broth. Cooked some noodles separately. Then fir a meal I put noodles in bowl and poured soup with the extra broth over top. I got 3 meals this way instead of 2. Noodles had been in cupboard for 2 years and I’m trying to use up some old things.

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                                              My adult son moved back out on his own after returning home for six months. My grocery bill went down. He was ready to go-I didn’t want him to-so it’s nothing I did to be frugal.

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