I just want to say that it’s OK to throw things away once you have used them

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      I understand we want to get the most for our buck but sometimes it ends up weighing us down.

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        This is something I’m currently grappling with. Thank you for the reminder.

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          I am trying to be a minimalist. I throw stuff when it is not needed. I donate stuff when I think other people can use it.

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            I threw out some face cream the other day. There wasn’t much left, but I was just done with it.

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              The more stuff you have, the more you have to manage.

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                OMG, you’re not kidding. I needed to have some work done on my kitchen sink last week, and before the plumber got here I cleaned out underneath there. Good lord, I had tiny bits left in so many bottles and jars of cleaning products under there – I threw out an entire trash bag full of just dried up old products.

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                  I grew up with a mom and grandparents that had the “keep everything in case you need it” attitude. I am trying so hard to break away from that. I saw the results when my grandma passed and I had to help clean out her house. I see the results in my mom’s house now. I refuse to bury myself and my family in stuff because I “might” need it. I throw away or donate.

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                    I moved 4 years ago. I got rid of everything I didn’t use or want. I had been there 5 years and had several boxes that never even got unpacked. Since then I e been really good about being extremely selective on what comes into my home. I use the Buy Nothing group to borrow things I need for a short time. Even if it’s free I do t want it forever. Lol

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                      One thing I struggle with is just persisting on trying to get some money back from items I no longer need through resale and feeling bogged down when it doesn’t sell…. hubs and I set up a timer – if it’s not gone in 1 week it just needs to be donated/trashed. Get rid of it if it doesn’t serve you.

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