Tips on lowering electric/water bills?

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      We are living paycheck to paycheck at the moment. Any suggestions?

      Tips on lowering electric/water bills? Any other suggestions to lower any of these numbers?


      Phone bill cant be adjusted, the service we have is the only one that we have reception on our side of town. The disney+ can go if we are desperate, but my kids love it and we use it for family movie nights. Shinesty needs to stay because my husband loves them and he deserves to have his package be cozy while he’s busting his a$@ at work lol.

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        On your mortgage, if you’ve had it for a while and did not pay more than 20% down, call them to find out if you are paying PMI and if they can evaluate whether you need to keep paying it or not.

        If your house value has gone up, you might not need to pay it anymore.

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          Your car insurance, gas and electric seem quite high.

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            How much are you paying for Disney?

            Not suggesting you get rid of it, but when it comes to monthly services, you can negotiate better deals at times or find better deals by canceling subscription and starting a new one. There is nothing gained these days by loyalty to a subscription service.

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              On the phones, if you’re not under contract, switch to a cheaper one like mint.

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                We only flush our toilets after 3 number 1’s for me and after number 2’s. We use buckets to catch rain water or water from the AC to help water plants. Maybe purchase black out curtains and only use lights when necessary.

                Do you both work? I’m assuming that’s the case since you have daycare.

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                  If it’s a temporary situation, you could always go to food banks for food for a while. You might even want to check to see if you qualify for food assistance.

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                    I only buy phones I can afford in full. Same with cars. Maybe you can exchange phones for cheaper ones and/or combine phone & internet bill.

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                      Don’t forget to include food and an entertainment budget.

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                        Why is there both a phone payment and phones? How many lines are you getting for 150? And why have a landline anymore?

                        Most internet can be ran without phone lines now. If you absolutely must have a landline phone there are plans as low as $15 for those now, no need to pay $45 for a landline.

                        Explore these too: This is one of the best frugal tips I’ve followed consistently lately

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                          I’m not sure what the sitter is for if you don’t need to sit or switch off with your spouse.

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                            Sign up for apps that give you money back, or opinion apps that give you money, but don’t buy something to get a rebate if you aren’t planning to buy it. Combine shopping with other households to get deals on things and be in agreement BEFORE you start as to how to split the items, compensating each other for purchases etc.

                            Have a discussion before hand and allow the person to say no. Otherwise you could end up with hurt feelings or broken friendships.

                            Don’t forget to take a look at: What are your favorite YouTube channels to watch for frugal tips and tricks?

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                              Put a timer on your hot water heater. Have it on only during the hrs you use it. 6am- 9am on 9am-5pm off, 5pm-8pm on ect. Cl9se off room ceiling vents and cl9se doors to rooms not used regularly to save on heating/cooling.

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                                So you’re saying any bills that are not fixed and required bills, such as mortgage etc, are not negotiable.

                                I’m not sure what/how exactly you are asking or how to help then.

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                                  Keep your phones for as long as possible, so you don’t have payments on them. I have the same iPhone 7 that my employer gave me in Sept 2018! Replace the screen or battery as needed, at least once or twice, before getting a new one.

                                  When bathing, use a small tub or bucket to collect the water while it’s warming up. Use that water to hand wash clothing (delicates, cloth diapers, etc.) or to wash dishes with.

                                  Only flush after 2, #1’s.

                                  Only use efficient lighting.

                                  Use your home’s windows and blinds effectively: Open windows overnight, and slant blinds upwards during the day in the summer. We try to go 1 month+ without heat or AC on the “shoulder” months (Spring/Fall).

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                                    On the water double check nothing’s leaking and take only showers instead of baths. They use less water and keep yourself in there under 6 minutes, or turn the water off and on as you use it.

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                                      Did you know even though not in use an item plugged in still pulls electricity? So, what I do is unplug microwave, coffeemaker etc when not in use. And during the day time if possible not use lights.

                                      You can check also: What is a good way to light a hallway..?

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                                        Don’t run up credit card & pay for get cheaper phones. Do the environment and ur finances a favor and buy everything cash used.

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                                          Knock out those debts— you can give yourself a raise of almost $800 if you knock those out. Also— and I say this with love and not judgement— maybe we can take a quick break from the party clothes subscription for a couple months while you get a handle on things.

                                          Not because I don’t want you to have fun, but because a temporary break could give you some breathing room.

                                          I think you deserve breathing room.

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                                            Can you or your partner take on a p/t job to pay off credit cards, then car loans.

                                            Even becoming an overnight babysitter for a parent who works 3rd shift- the child would basically go to bed with your kids and if in the same district, school bus could pick up from your house, or parent would pick child up in morning. Just a thought.

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                                              Not sure who you have for your phone but we use total wireless and it’s $100/month for 4 lines with 100gb of shared data.

                                              We also have the cheapest possible internet plan at $19/month.

                                              I would try to lower those first as that is probably the low hanging fruit and easiest to change.

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                                                Food isn’t included here at all… but one thing to look at is the credit cards. You may be able to transfer to one with a 0% apr offer for 18 months so all your payment goes toward principle. Sometimes you can also negotiate your interest down with current credit card company, let them know your planning to transfer and they might give you a lower rate deal.

                                                Have you shopped car/home insurance recently? That can make a big difference. Someone else already touched on pmi above.

                                                Honestly nothing listed is crazy, but you don’t have food/entertainment/clothing etc listed….

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                                                  If you’re not willing to get rid of the optional things, the only things you can really do is increase your income through a second job or side gig or possibly shop around or negotiate the insurance.

                                                  How close are you to paying off your phone and car? Could you sell them and get cheaper ones you can pay cash for?

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                                                    Are you in the US? Pay off your phones- that’s $45 that could go towards your credit cards. Start couponing for household basics and personal hygiene items. Have you tried applying for the ACP credit towards your internet?

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                                                      Try to get rid of pmi if you have it as others stated, shop insurance for home and car, up the deductible if you can, see if you can get a free energy audit/assistance due to income. Same with cable. Try to refi car, credit unions have good rates, shorter showers, recycle water, get on a cheaper plans for phones if possible, there are a lot of unlimited plans cheaper than that.

                                                      Check other internet companies for cheaper intro rates, see if kids can go to free/reduced camp or daycare due to income.

                                                      As the credit card company to reduce interest or try to get a 0 interest balance transfer card if credit rating allows. After you transfer cut up card. Try to group your errands together to save on gas.

                                                      Good luck!

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