Best Fidelity HSA funds for long-term growth?

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      Would love to hear peoples’ advice and thoughts about how to use the Fidelity HSA. I would like to open one, but the choices are so many, that I froze and didn’t know what fund to choose. What are people using, and are you happy with the choices?

      I will be keeping a portion of my money in my local bank HSA but would like to put some money that I know I won’t need right away into the Fidelity HSA option.

      Thank you.

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        I load it up just like I do with my Roth IRA. FSKAX all the way, and don’t touch it. Fidelity makes it quite easy.

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            What do you have your other accounts invested in? Don’t overthink it!

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              Most people in this group use the total stock market etf VTI, it’s the same as the mutual fund VTSAX. Personally, mine is invested in growth stocks.

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                I would invest all of it, because you should try not to spend any of it.

                But invest the hsa just as you would any other account.

                If you invest your accounts differently, then invest it the same as a Roth account.

                Worth a look: I am looking for advice from someone who has submitted for reimbursement from their Fidelity HSA

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                  I had a Fidelity HSA from a previous employer. My current isn’t Fidelity but I prefer it… so I rollover once a year and I invest in VTI.

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                    Remember you must be covered by a qualified HDHP (High Deductible Healthcare Plan) in order to benefit from an HSA account.

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                      Great thing about a HSA is that you can save all your medical receipts and one day, be it next year or 20 years from now you can submit them all and get that cash TAX FREE.

                      I haven’t taken a penny from my HSA.

                      I plan on submitting all my receipts at once just before I retire.

                      Take a peek at: Does opening an HSA require insurance company approval?

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                      Peg D

                        FZROX $89 a week as a single person into my HSA. Just started end of January. Prior to that I was investing into individual stocks in my HSA. FZROX is already doing better than those individual stocks.

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                          Do you have an HSA-eligible healthcare plan? You’ll want to confirm this first as not all healthcare plans are eligible for HSAs.

                          If the answer is yes, there’s no reason to invest this long-term money differently than you do your other long-term money. How is your other long-term money invested?

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