Shifting Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts: A Look from Past to Present

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      Exploring the evolution of Teacher Appreciation Week gifts: from past traditions to present-day practices. How have the gifts given to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week changed over time?

      I’m interested in hearing from educators and parents about the types of gifts that were commonly given in the past and how they compare to the gifts given today. Have there been any shifts in the types of gifts that are considered meaningful or appreciated?

      Additionally, if you have any insights or personal experiences to share about memorable Teacher Appreciation Week gifts from the past or present, please do!

      Your perspectives will provide valuable insights into how the expression of gratitude for teachers has evolved over the years.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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        When my kids were finishing up at our elementary school, I hosted a breakfast/coffee.

        We had coffees, juices, pastries and an egg strata. I figured 3 kids x 6 years… it was a nice way to say thanks.

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          I’m gift cards all the way! No mess no fuss always useful! Put that in a handmade card from my littles! Done

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            As a teacher…. I can never have too many pens. Between sticky hands and leaving them everywhere I need all the pens I can get

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              If I have the money I do gift cards. My teacher for my youngest school said she would rather receive art supplies for the classroom so that’s what we have been doing. This year I am not sure I might go back to gift cards.

              My middle child we can’t do anything for and my oldest is a high schooler.

              We also donate to the high school.

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                I think it’s important to think about what you were giving and try to make it something that can be used up and not something they have to feel they have to keep… I know for a fact a lot of coffee, mugs and cheap little things. The teachers get end up at the thrift store.

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                  Wow how sad. I just finished some hand designed mugs for teachers. I guess I know what to do with them now.

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                    Most teachers enjoy grabbing a drink or treat at Sonic after school so why not a $5 or $10 token gift card just to show appreciation? Or same from Starbucks or a locally owned coffee shop.

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                      I would cherish ANY gift given to me by a student if I was a teacher. Pens which I can’t have too many of.. I love them. Coffee mugs since I love coffee. I’d never put it in my mind to re gift them to someone else. That kid thought enough to give u something, keep it.

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                        I once received a old worn out stuffed toy from a student, I treasured it. It’s the heart that comes with the gift.

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                          I’m a teacher, it’s nice to be appreciated

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                            Obviously gift cards in a less expensive appreciation card is the way to go now. (Don’t waste money with an expensive card to put the card in).

                            Skip the mugs, pens, jewelry etc. Gift cards for local restaurants, local coffee shops, local businesses etc.

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                              I was a teacher and would collect unwanted gifts. I would take to assisted living for bingo/game prizes.

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                                I completely agree!

                                Christmas is the hill I’ve been standing on, the last few years.

                                I don’t want to join an office Christmas gift exchange. I don’t want to do the family gift exchanges either. But, invite me to join a Christmas cookie exchange and I’m all over it!

                                I don’t want people buying me Christmas gifts. And I don’t want to buy them any either. Parents, kids, step kids, siblings, and eight grandkids is too much. So, the presents get out of control and I feel like I’m buying a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t want to be given.

                                So, I’ve announced to the family that unless you are our grandkids, you aren’t getting a damned thing for Christmas! We have also requested no gifts and have instead invited family to do activities. Christmas cookie baking, going to see Christmas lights, a Grinch movie night.

                                It honestly is a complete change of mindset.

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                                  As a kindergarten teacher I receive a lot of mugs or cups, candles and artsy stuff…unfortunately I have to gift most away because of space and I won’t use them…

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                                    I normally do giftcards for coffee, restaurants and entertainment. Certain teachers know that I bake so they request my baked goods

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                                      I am a teacher and got two coffee mugs last year alone. I already have a great travel mug from our school PTA and a favorite mug I use at home so they got donated.

                                      As a teacher, I prefer gift cards and a nice note from the parent or teacher.

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                                        Teacher here. I can verify that while mugs (and anything apple, candles, etc…) are a nice gesture, a hand written note of appreciation means so much more.

                                        I have only been teaching for 8 years I think I have around 9,756,837 mugs now.

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                                          I give gift cards to a place in town coffee, restaurant
                                          Something they can use

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                                            Absolutely, I don’t want or need any gifts, but I keep getting them. There’s Christmas, birthdays, Mothers Day it’s endless.

                                            Candles, soap, pictures in frames, jackets, pj, blouses, the list goes on.

                                            Take me out to lunch, just a card will do.

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                                              I was a class parent for one of my kids (I have 3)every year. I always organized a class money gift or gift card so they could get what they wanted. However, with my oldest I did do a summer bag with sunscreen, a towel, and a water thermos and other beach things for her home room teacher. She genuinely seemed excited about it.

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                                                I would think a perfect gift, and environmentally friendly, would be for all parents to teach their kids manners and respect for teachers, support staff, other students, and emergency and health workers.

                                                The appreciation would be felt everyday, not once per year, and there’d be no concerns about clutter.

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                                                  I’m a retired teacher and loved and appreciated all gifts. Still have some now that are 30 years old and can tell you the children’s name who gave them to me.

                                                  Sadly, mugs etc were used and over the years were broken, chocolates and biscuits were shared with visitors and toiletries kept me going all year.

                                                  The crayoned pictures were accepted with as much enthusiasm and love though as any bought gift.

                                                  The look on the children’s faces was priceless.

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                                                    When I taught 7th grade, I got lots of gifts that parents sent from their kids. Most of my career has been spent teaching college level students. It is not a normal thing for college students to give their instructors gifts, so when I do receive gifts from students, it really means a lot. One of my former students crocheted me a stuffed blue jay and now, years later, he works for the same college.

                                                    My former students came over when I was first diagnosed with cancer and had over 22 fractures.

                                                    They cut my hair for me, prayed for me, drove me to chemotherapy, offered me bone marrow, contributed to a gofundme that helped me to have needed care after a stem cell transplant.

                                                    I have a plant in my kitchen window sill that a student gave me last spring. My laser pointer kept running out of batteries.

                                                    A class chipped in and bought me a remote control PowerPoint operator with a laser pointer.

                                                    Best class ever.

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                                                      I think all gifts are still appreciated. These days very few parents actually give gifts. So that mug may be the only gift you get. If I had a preference…gift cards and home baked goodies. One parent used to make me a whole tray of cookies…and I’d eat the whole tray myself

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                                                        I always had my sons hand write a thank you note to the teacher. And then included a small gift card for a coffee.

                                                        Years later I worked as an educational assistant, and I can tell you the few handwritten notes I received from students were the most appreciated gifts ever.

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                                                          I literally just filled 2 random coffee mugs with a bunch of pens I got from Buy Nothing. On Friday.
                                                          Honestly we’re just happy when someone notices and says something nice.

                                                          If you really want to make a teacher’s day, the 12-pack of Sharpies and a whole bunch of Post-it’s will usually do it for us.

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