Another frugal (break even?) benefit of gardening

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      I love flower gardening, which can be costly, especially when buying plants like heirloom roses, rare varieties of flowering shrubs, unique bulbs, and specialty seeds. 

      HOWEVER, I never have to pay for fresh flowers. I can bring fresh bouquets as hostess gifts, birthday presents, cheer-up flowers, new neighbor welcomes, prom boutonnières and corsages, etc.

      My daughter has even said she wants peonies from my garden for her wedding, when the need arises!

      I also take photos of my flowers and frame them as gifts for long-distance friends and family.

      I won’t claim my flower sharing as a true money saver, but it at least helps to offset the costs incurred for my love of flower gardening, and they bring heartfelt joy to the recipients! That is priceless!

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        I am finding that for me. Gardening is to expensive. Between building my raised beds. Filling them with soil, compost, Manure. Plants, fertilizer. I still need grow lights, heat mats to start seeds indoors.

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          Gardening is frugal therapy.

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            If peonies are cut closed, they can be refrigerated and will bloom when needed. Mine only bloom on the plant for a few days.

            Useful: For the gardeners out there – I just got an email that Burpee is having 50% off all seeds

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              I do the same and feel like since it’s a hobby with a purpose and so much joy, it justifies spending some money on seeds. I also love growing extra starts to share with people! Gardening is just the best!

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                We bought a house not long ago with beautiful landscaping and flowers, so we don’t have a spend the initial money to get everything growing. I LOVE having fresh bouquets inside. It was a splurge occasionally before for me, because they brighten everything up and make me happy. Now that I can just cut from the outside it really keeps the house cheery.

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                  the true love of gardening doesn’t have a true dollar value especially when you do so many good deeds with them. I do flower gardening and vegetable gardening the love of it. plus I can the vegetables I grow(my parents always had a vegetable garden) and they canned. their needs were different than mine, they had ten kids but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

                  Also, check out: GARDENERS: do you think it costs less to start from seed or to buy a few mature plants?

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                    I’d love to see pics of your garden.

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