Can someone educate me with the pros and cons of a chicken coop?

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      Hi everyone, I’m renting my single family home in Chanhassen. It’s in a great residential neighborhood.

      The new potential tenants are looking to put in a chicken coop. I have no idea as I’m a city girl with no prior experience of living with or a nearby a coop.

      Can someone educate me with the pros and cons of a chicken coop? I also want to be respectful to the neighbors as it’s a very calm location. Plus I don’t want the house or yard to be in a bad shape when the tenant leaves. Will the value of the house decline in any shape?

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        Definitely have a separate addendum to the lease specifically for the chickens.

        Also, look at zoning/HOA/public nuisance codes to see if it’s allowed.

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        Bo Avakian

          Don’t forget about the rats they will attract.

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            I would want them to use a chicken “tractor” type coop, movable so the grass can recoup between rotations, if it were my rental.

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              Lots of cons and no pros (getting eggs may be a pro though they are not your chickens and, personally, I don’t care for eggs). I feel this way about animals generally though. As a landlord the additional damage, dirt, noise and smell are all detractors.

              Unfortunately, almost all housing in my area is pet friendly so I’m dealing with people that don’t know you should pick up after pets, that you should not let your barking dogs out after midnight and so much more. Multiply all that by ten with chickens.

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              Jin Yi

                I have backyard suburban chickens if you have any questions.

                • The city had to allow it.
                • No roosters.
                • Even hens can be very noisy, enough to wake neighbors up at the crack of dawn.
                • They shouldn’t free-range them unless you don’t care about the yard becoming a mess.
                • They will poop EVERYWHERE and a lot. So if you have a patio or patio furniture, it will get pooped on.
                • They also attract flies due to all the poop.
                • They’re a lot of fun and have quirky personalities.
                • Neighbors can be bribed with eggs.
                • I’m a proponent of everyone having backyard chickens and veggie gardens, but I’ve also been a Landlord.
                • What happens when they move out? They’ll take the coop and run (the caged area ror them to gang out) with them or would they just up and leave it?
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