Exiting M1 Finance: Navigating Changes and Alternatives

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      I’m dropping M1. It came highly recommended by Jonathan I think, and I was using the free version, with weekly contributions. Now they are changing it to charge everyone $3/month instead of a free version and a pro version for $5/month.

      I understand their change, but I don’t see the need to pay the monthly subscription.

      Transferring assets into, bring my portfolio up to $10,000 (and waiving the monthly fee) would cost $75 so that’s not worth it.

      Transferring assets out of it and closing my account will cost $100, so I’m not doing that either. Instead I’m selling assets and closing my account and reinvesting at my other broker. I’ll be paying taxes on gains and bumping up my baseline.

      Unfortunate, but I don’t want to pay the fee.

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        I think this is the struggle with all of these novel platforms now that you can get no fee trading everywhere and fractional share buying in most places too.

        I’d be surprised if it survives long-term and is not bought by someone eventually.

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          You don’t have to sell the assets. Transfer in kind.

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            Use fidelity or vanguard. Not sure why ppl always trying to re-invent the wheel.

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              I had something similar when I left Robinhood, and fidelity covered the fees associated with moving the funds. So I’d reach out to your brokerage and see what they can do.

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