How to get the best value from Fetch Rewards app?

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      I’ve been a big fan of the Fetch app but over time the point-per-dollar “gap” has grown where every 1,000 points is no longer the value of a $1 which doesn’t surprise me but is disappointing as I see this progression with all “rewards” I’ve had. So, what’s the “best” value for Fetch?

      I saw a special once where the point values were reduced on some offers does this happen often? My goal is to cash in on an actual store such as Meijer or Walmart rather than a restaurant.


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        I miss the daily spin wheel!

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          I’ve noticed I don’t receive as many bonus points from the groceries too!

          I haven’t gotten more than 25 points in FOREVER!

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            They’ve definitely changed and not for the better. They increased the amount you need in order to get gift cards.

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              I hate the games you have to play in order to get more points.

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                Fetch seems to pay less than other receipt apps. I still use it since I’m scanning receipts anyway, but I use other apps too.

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                  Definitely won’t get much from it – usually 25 participation points. I refuse to give them the requested tracking access to play games.

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                    I just started using Upside (gas mostly) six months ago and have earned more with it than I have with Fetch, and I’ve had Fetch for like two years.

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                      I noticed that I was not getting credit for the bonuses. 3x in 4 weeks.

                      I double check every reciept. When I submitted the correction my total was corrected within 24 hours.

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                        I finally deleted Fetch after getting multiple rejected receipts with invalid reasons for rejections. Like “missing total” when there clearly was a total. Or “not a valid receipt” for a Walmart receipt.

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                          I use Walmart+ and Sam’s +; my bonus rewards mount up with every purchase. Yes, there’s an annual fee but my rewards more than pay that fee; last year my Sam’s cash back was over $425 triple my subscription fee.

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