Curious About Prison Food Recipes? Share and Learn Unique Dishes

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      I wanna know what’s some prison food recipes that y’all learned and still do and what do you call it? I think some recipes are similar but have different names depending on what prison/ jail you were in and what part of the country you’re from. I’m curious y’all!!

      Prison food recipes often use improvised tools and ingredients from the commissary to create simple or elaborate meals. Here are some prison food recipes that may be considered “swole”:

      Scooby (jailhouse slam)
      This recipe uses ramen noodles, cheese, Doritos, and ramen seasoning packets. To make it, you can:

      • Boil ramen noodles until they’re done, but don’t use the seasoning packet.
      • Microwave some cheese until it’s slightly warm.
      • Crumble up some Doritos and set them aside.
      • Drain the water from the noodles and put them in a bowl.
      • Add the cheese, Doritos, and ramen seasoning packets to the bowl and mix.
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        I worked in a prison a long time ago. Pendleton  maximum security, we were working on a new telephone system. The food was horrible and kept me from ever breaking the law.

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          I don’t have a recipe but a hilarious story. We went to a local restaurant for lunch, we go about once a week. One day the special was beef tips and noodles. My husband thought about getting it and asked the waitress what it was like and was it good. She dead serious looked at him and asked if he’d ever been in jail. I couldn’t help but lol for real hahahha.

          He didn’t order the special


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            I grew up eating a scalloped corn casserole. 2 cans of cream corn, 1 egg, and half sleeve of crushed saltines. Mix and bake.

            When I made this after I got married, my husband referred to it as prison food.

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              I don’t think the poster is talking about the food served to inmates by the prison system. This is about food that the inmates make in their cells with items from the commissary.

              I worked in a men’s max prison as a corrections officer for years and they come up with some very creative ideas.

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                My husband is a deputy in the county jail in central Indiana and said they make a “Charleston Chew” by adding a little bit of water with coffee creamer and make it into a dough.

                If you roll it until it’s smooth, then you get some chocolate, melt it in hot water and cover the smooth dough with the chocolate. Then you put it in a cool place until it’s solid again.

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                  No recipes to share. Never been to prison and hopefully never will. Interesting thread.

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                    Well in all fairness sometimes camping food can be similar. Especially by the end of the trip… you just “make do”.

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                      Hot sauce n instant cherry koolaide makes a sweet n sour flavor.

                      I like cheese its in my Ramen. N in prison u just put water n the bag of Ramen n crush cheese its n put in. Let sit until soft. Sometimes if u have it you can cut up pickle or sausage and add it in. And sometimes I put all that in a flour tortilla and ate it like a burrito. Lol.

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                        My husband worked at a prison in Pendleton, Indiana for several months several years ago. He told me how they made all kinds of things from ramen noodles…lasagna, pizzas, enchiladas…he said they were very creative!!

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