Would it be better to keep my car?

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      I might be moving to Korea for 2 years, would it be better to keep my car and continue to pay my car payment on it until it’s paid off or sell the car and save the money I get from the sale?

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        Sell it. I’ve heard horror stories from others who’ve had their cars in long term storage. Be free of the payments and bank all that extra cash and by the time you’re back in the states you can pay cash outright for a car. That’s what we did! Have fun!!!

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          You would need someone to take care of the vehicle for you or pay to have it stored somewhere. If a car just sits for 2 yrs and isn’t started and ran every once in a while it damages stuff. Gotta run and warm the oil regularly to keep the engine lubed up.

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            Sell it, pay off the loan, save any additional funds. Rid yourself of the potential problems and stress, release your mom from the responsibility.

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              Keep it. Since you only have $8,000 left. We don’t know how the car market will be in a few yrs. It is better to have something paid for than to come back home to car prices higher than they are now.

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                Sell it. Two years is a long time and cars really need to be driven frequently to stay in good working order.

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                  We had just bought a car before doing a few years in Germany. We decided to leave it at my parents house, they moved it around every so often and it was fine when we got back. I think if it’s close to being paid off then it’s worth keeping, we were able to change our insurance to storage and it lowered the cost.

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                    We left our van with my parents when we went overseas and it was so nice to come back and have a car already to go when we visited and moved. I just put my mom on the insurance so if something happened she could take care of it.

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                      Sell it. Cars wear down just sitting there (batteries, breaks rust etc) and you don’t know where life will take you even if you have plans.

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                        Where do you live (warm area vs one that gets a lot of snow) and where would the car be during those 2 years (garage/driveway vs curb side? Will there be some to look after it, drive it every now and then, etc. A sitting car still needs some love.

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