Looking for frugal ideas to organize our closet

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      Please Excuse My Mess


      I’m wanting to take everything out of my close,paint it and try and organize it better so I can have more room.

      I am not willing to pay $60 to $100 for the closet organizer system. Shelves are also so expensive to buy.

      Looking for other frugal ideas to organize this closet and make it somewhat a walk-in closet.

      My husband said he was going to get some free pallets to try and make something but I’m still looking for other ideas.


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        Work your way into fuzzy covered hangers. You know the black ones at dollar and thrift stores. Your clothes will not fall off the hanger and look neat.

        Also, have one kind of hanger. Leave the hangers at the till at Walmart They shift and break and do not look good with all the other store hangers. I had a million different kinds and colours and my daughter made me change over. More stuff fits and it looks great!

        Also consider a used dresser to fold some items and get them out of there. Under bed containers or vaccuum bags for jeans and sweaters. Good luck!

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          Actually you have good stuff already in there just the layout maybe needs to shift. One of the shelves could go against the back wall. You can also take those tupperwares that have missing lids to hold accessories and the lids without the bottom as a platform for shoes. Eventually you can go to thrift stores or yard sales and grab a basket for cheap to add extra storage.

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            Old sets of drawers from free sights could be useful to fold and tidy clothes you could paint them all the same colour to make it more informed and neater it won’t matter what size they are from Tallboy down to beside cabinet as long as they fit in and you could sit plastic boxes on top with maybe shoes stored inside.

            Or if you could source a couple of old kitchen units one or two for bottom and some for top try all free sites in your area x

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              Hooks or coat rack hooks on wall to hang items up but some shelving will help take items higher up the wall and not on floor freeing up space to walk in and out.

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                I used book shelves I got on market place. Then I added some rods from the book shelves to the wal. Has worker great so far.

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                  I would start by turning that shelving unit 90° and pushing it against the back wall to open up the space. I think it would be easier to organize that way.

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                    I like the two shower rod idea. One above for shirts and one below for slacks and capris. Keep the regular one on the right for bathrobe and dresses. Continue to use that bookcase for undies, bras and socks. Hang a bag on a hook for bathiing suits, hat, sunscreen and towel. Above bookcase, you can put plastic shoebixes piled up high, label them with pic of pair of shoes inside.

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                      If you plan to use pallets for shelving, I would recommend either sanding them well or covering them (maybe contact paper or something?) so that the wood doesn’t snag your clothes.

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                        Just get some bins or baskets from the thrift store for your shelves, all you hanging – put all the same color hangers together and color your clothes- all pink together, etc

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