What are your favorite frugal dinner recipes to serve chilled?

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      I’m looking for your favorite budget-friendly dinner recipes that can be served chilled. With the weather being so hot, I find myself less hungry and running out of pasta salad ideas. What are some of your go-to meals that are refreshing, easy to make, and won’t break the bank?

      Share your recipes and tips!

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          Wedge salads with cold, crumbled leftover salmon.

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            Tomatoes stuffed with chicken or tuna salad, cottage cheese, cucumber salad, watermelon. I just saw a recipe for Spinach dip pasta salad we are going to try tomorrow. Recipe is:
            1 lb pasta
            2 cups sour cream
            1/2 cup mayonnaise
            1 package knorr veggie soup/spinach dip mix
            1tsp pepper
            1 tsp parsley
            8oz fresh spinach

            Make pasta according to package directions and let cool. Saute spinach until wilted, not mushy, and let cool. Mix sour cream, mayo ,knorr’s and spices together. Add pasta and spinach. Refridgerate.

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              Pasta or rice salad. Caprese salad, cold roasted chicken w green salad, sandwiched, deviled eggs.

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                I grew up with no AC and can remember my mom would spend mornings making tuna salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, hard boiled eggs (sometimes salad sometimes deviled eggs sometimes just HB eggs) tomatoes or tomato salad and sliced cucumbers or cucumber salad.

                It always seemed like such a treat because she usually made a hot meal every night.

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                  Cereal but my husband would never go for that. For me crock pot a big meal then microwave leftovers

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                    Egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad either as sandwiches, wraps or on a bed of lettuce. BLTs, Gazpacho, chef or Cobb salad, deviled eggs… Grilled shrimp or chicken salad.

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                      Bbq chicken breast on the grill. Once done, refrigerate. After cooled down, cut into thin strips and put into wraps with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, ranch, Hooters sauce or whatever makes you happy.

                      A simple snack tray is good some times. Meats, cheeses, pickles, olives, fruit, ect.

                      Chicken salad with dried cranberries on a bed of lettuce.

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                        Cut up cheese and cold cuts, crackers, fruit, a nice cold glass of wine or margarita. Seems more like a snack, but throw in olives, pickles and some sliced crusty bread…dinner is on.

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                          I cook chicken breast in batches and add it to green salads or have it alongside some fresh fruits and veg with cheese and maybe crackers or something. I’ve also done this with a roast beef and a roast pork loin. Boil eggs for the week, too.

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                            Cold cuts with coleslaw, hard boiled eggs, egg salad, chicken salad, vegetables brined in vinegar sugar and oil, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese and tomatoes (with or without chips), or a simple selection of olives pickles tomatoes cucumbers etc.

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