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      I have the Chase Sapphire. Is it worth it point wise to make a purchase on the card when there is a 2.75% processing fee?

      • The purchase is for college tuition so anywhere from $3500-7000.
      • Yes the card would be paid off with each purchade.

      In my opinion no, because the service fee is more than CC travel points are worth. But anyone have input?


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        No it’s not worth it unless your hitting a credit card goal. Like Amex platinum retention or something.

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          Call the tuition office at the school directly.

          I found out that my daughter’s college doesn’t charge the credit card fee if you pay over the phone vs on the website…. I just learned this after paying for 3 years and not earning points.

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            Agree with those saying to only accept a fee when working on a sign up bonus on a new card. By far the most efficient way to earn lots of points!

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              Only if working towards a sub bonus.

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                Only if you’re trying to hit a large SUB. For the Sapphire, I wouldn’t. Perhaps for the bigger ones – CIP, Amex Plat, etc.

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                  Do you get more than you pay for?

                  Meaning, are the points you are earning worth more than the 2.75% you are paying to acquire them?


                  *Unless hitting a SUb that you can’t do with organic spend.

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                    That one might be a bit harder to break even on. The points guy mentions that 1 point can be about 2 cents.

                    There’s times where you can get more value but if you’re paying with a Chase freedom unlimited then maybe that fee is worth it since you can make those 1.5 points into 3 cents but it would still take some work.

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                      Nope not worth it. If it were travel on the CSR at 3% it would be worth the 2.75% fee. Unless you routinely get more than 2.75 cents per point it’s not worth it. Or if you need to do it for a sign up bonus you wouldn’t reach otherwise.

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