What would you do at the end of FIRE?

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      If you’ve reached Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), what are your plans for the end of your FIRE journey? Are you planning to continue living a frugal lifestyle, pursue new hobbies or interests, travel extensively, or something else entirely?

      I’m curious to hear about how people approach the later stages of FIRE and what their goals and aspirations are once they’ve achieved financial freedom. Any insights, personal experiences, or advice you can share would be greatly appreciated.


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        Retired in 2022.

        No alarm clock.
        A couple months in Portugal.
        Mediterranean cruise.
        Random week or two road trips.
        Weekly live streams trying to help others reach fire.
        Struggle with learning to spend instead of save.
        Unable to put into words how “every day is Saturday” is close but doesn’t cover it. Since Monday never comes.

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          Being among people, find friends, spreading gospel, travel, learn new skills.

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            I would do more of what I love garden in the summer, read in the winter, drive to the mountains or the shore on a whim, ect.

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              Freedom offers opportunity but first I think I’d rest up recharge, I think hiking would take a prominent place in my weekly routine.

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                Take time off, visit family, have an “easy” job (ie anything that I can just show up to happily and clock out equally as happy), hopefully by then I’ll have grandkids so I can help out my own kids by babysitting for free since I’ll have the time and freedom.

                To me it’s not about not working at all, just about not feeling the pressure of NEEDING to work and provide etc.

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                  Basically the same thing, just less of it, and volunteer more.

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                    Buy several nice motorcycles and pack the miles on them, including shipping them to Europe and riding.

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