I’m in search of new free hobbies, especially hobbies that could make money

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      Hey Fellow Frugal People! .. Currently I am feeling pretty bored… Nearly all the time. Anyone have any ideas for me?

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        Quilting, using old or donated materials. A lot of guilds make blankets for babies, new moms veterans homeless people just to name a few. You can do it by hand or by machine. I started in September and I just love it. If you need a class or two to get started All About Quilts in Walpole Mass has all kinds of classes and they are great. You can also sell your blankets, pot holders, and whatever else you make at craft fairs.

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          If you have a special talent you’re good at. Teach others ( private classes). Like dance, piano,sewing ,cooking.

          Propagate plants and sell them.

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            Writing is a good one that has zero startup cost as long as you’re fine with using whatever writing program you already have on your computer. Start with short stories and poems and enter them into contests and magazines, maybe if it’s something you like you may even find yourself publishing a book one day

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              Playing with dogs and cats. My side hustle is petsitting and I love it!! I am on Rover but also have my own private clients and neighbors.

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                If you have room, growing plants from seed or selling cuttings from ones you already grow can make some side cash. We have a big yard and live in AZ. I grow certain blooming cactus that people have come to love. I sell throughout the year.

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                  Judy Maxwell
                  Volunteer at a nursing home to help with crafts they usually furnish the materials.

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                    I used to volunteer at a cat shelter every week when I was a college and grad student. It was very rewarding- I always felt so good afterwards. I made very good friends who I’m still close with, while volunteering- added bonus!

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                      Cooking. You have to do it anyway, why not learn to do it really well and you can sell your best work!

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                        I have perennials in my garden They spread .I just sold $250 worth and can buy many more .I couldn’t believe the response. Prices are high for these in stores.

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