Over the past month, what is something you purchased that brought you immense happiness?

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      ME: Vacation to the smoky mountains.

      AND YOU?

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        An annual membership to a local community sailing club! I’m learning and building my skills, instant friendly sailing community, and no boat upkeep/expenditures. It keeps on giving!

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          Fiestaware water pitcher in the color peacock. Makes me smile & my ice tea tastes extra delicious.

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            Got my hair professionally braided, I didn’t have to touch it or style it for two weeks. I’m getting it redone and I will leave it in for another 6 weeks.

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              My partner and I are retired and live out of our backpacks traveling (currently in CDMX). So not a lot of room for material things, and to be honest at our age, time, experiences and connections with people are a lot more important. We recently rented a larger Airbnb and offered for our working friends to stay with us for free if they bought a flight. Three friends came down and we have a wonderful week with them!

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                I buy experiences not things. Bought a flight with miles to visit a friend I haven’t seen in 30 years and we had an incredible weekend together.

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                  Well I haven’t purchased anything, but the thing that brings me immense happiness is that I was purchased by the blood of Jesus!

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                    over the month of May I have acquired approx 5 new indoor plants and almost 100 outdoor annual flowers & perennials. My plants ALWAYS bring my immense happiness!

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                      My two bottle calves. It was sort of last minute and we were wildly unprepared and about lost them several times. But they are thriving and give us so much joy.

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                        Fenced in my yard. Now my reactive and high energy dog has plenty of space to run and sniff without getting into trouble!

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                          A basketball hoop for our driveway. My 9 year old is thrilled and I love to hear he and his friends out there playing and having fun. I love to shoot hoops with him too!

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