Roof Insurance Claim Victory: Attention to Detail Saves $913!

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      We ended up filing a claim for our roof with Progressive. Today I received paperwork and a check for the amount they’re paying for it, minus our deductible.

      I decided to read through the paperwork instead of just fiming it away like I normally would. I caught a mistake on their end. They put the wrong amount for my deductible and shorted me $913.00!!!

      I called and spoke with a representative about it. She confirmed it was a mistake and they’re reissuing a check for the correct amount!

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        FYI – when we had to replace our roof through a claim in 2008, the cost of replacement was higher than they estimated. We were able to get the difference once we proved the cost difference (and it was pretty significant).

        Just something to keep in mind if you have this issue.

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          We discovered that they had not been giving us credit for hail resistant roofing for five years even though I specified. Got that fixed with new roof replacement and it greatly lowered the premium.

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            Yes, you must TRUST NO ONE, always verify!!

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              Mistake my fanny. They were hoping you would not notice.

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                I’m shocked they gave you the money up front. They refuse to give me the full amount and insist on not paying until work is complete. I totally regret switching to them.

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                  Do not cash that check. Get three estimates from companies your insurance approves of before
                  you get the work done. Insurance companies are notorious for writing a check that doesn’t cover all the work needed. So do yourself a favor, don’t be in a hurry to cash that check and get those estimates.

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