Leftover Magic: Turning Valentine’s Day Steak and Potatoes into a Scrumptious Breakfast and Future Quesadillas!

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      So I had some leftover steak and roasted potatoes from Valentine’s Day so I chopped and sauted the steak and potatoes with some minced onion butter and spices then scrambled it w 3 eggs 2 slices of cheese and some shredded cheese to make a yummy omelet. I added som toast and it fed my daughter and I both breakfast and there’s still another serving in the fridge.

      There was still some steak left, so I minced it and threw in the freezer. I will add it to some rice with taco seasoning and shredded cheese later with tortillas for another meal of quesadillas. I love repurposing leftovers.  I really try to have minimal food waste whenever possible.

      A little of one thing added to a little of something else definitely adds up to enough for a meal. Get creative people, its fun, delicious and saves money.

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        For leftover steak I usually do cheesesteak quesadillas. Thinly sliced and chopped into medium size pieces, add green peppers, onions, sometimes if I have them – mushrooms, and cheese.

        I always buy green peppers and onions on sale, marked down, chop or slices put into ziplocks with a paper towel to absorb any potential ice crystals so always ready for Western omelets, quesadillas, whatever you cook that you want to add green peppers and onions.

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          We do that in the summer at the cabin…..chop up whatever meat and vegi’s are left from the night before, add chopped onion, fry it up and crack eggs over it to make it go further. Kids call it “Camper Hash!”

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            I try to use all my food twice, make leftovers for lunch too.

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              We took my mil out for breakfast yesterday at a mom and pop cafe. I always get their huge BLT. Three pieces of thick sourdough toast, scores of bacon and 2 eggs. I asked for fruit but got hash browns, so they did bring the fruit but can’t reuse the hash browns.

              Every time I go, I eat the fruit and one piece of toast with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Made my husband a breakfast burrito with egg, cheese, deli salami and hash browns. Made him one for tomorrow. I had my BLT again for breakfast and lunch with the rest of the hash browns. Five meals

              Also, check out: Frugal tip: Buy clearance gingerbread houses and decorate for Valentine’s Day!

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                I call them scavenger meals.

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                  Great example of how to stretch that steak!

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