I have one leftover grilled chicken breast. What can I make to stretch that for a dinner for 5?

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      Here’s what I did! I shredded the chicken, added beans, corn, onion, pepper, sour cream, cilantro, spices, and shredded cheese…and made a baked burrito/enchilada sort of situation. We had another person stop over so feeding 6!

      I served it with cilantro lime cauli-rice. Everyone loved it!

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        Butter Chicken simmering sauce, add a chopped chicken breast, green pepper, sliced onion, small bag of diced butternut squash, big handfuls of fresh baby spinach & serve with brown rice/quinoa. Delicious.

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          Mexican chicken” is what I always hear it called. just shred the chicken, add 2 cans cream of mushroom, 2 can cream of chicken, 2 cans rotel (drained), and cut up 1/2 block velveta into it. Might have to use 2 baking dishes.. this is a double recipe.

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            EASY CHICKEN POP PIE. Shred the chicken breast. Place med size iron skillet on stove. Heat on med/low add stick of butter. Can of crm of chick. Stir until butter melted, add 1/2 cup milk. 1 Can of already cooked potatoes/ sliced or cut up . 1 bag of mixed veggies of your choice. Thawed and drained. (Season with pepper, a little salt) Stir until everything is mixed well. And bubbly. If not real creamy. Add a little milk. Take 1 can of croissant biscuit dough. And lay them on top. Place in 345 degree oven for about 25 / 30 min until croissants are golden brown.

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              I just had one leftover chicken breast last night. So I coated fresh broccoli, baby carrots, a green pepper, and a red onion in olive oil and air fried for 20 minutes. Halfway through cooking I added teriyaki sauce and my cut up chicken breast. Then served on a bed of white rice with a little more teriyaki.

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                Cut it up small. Add to a can of tomatoes, and a can of drained beans with some taco seasoning. Serve in tortillas or double the cans and serve over rice.

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