Who else saw their car insurance increase substantially?

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      I was shocked when I logged in to see my upcoming bill. I pay for 6 months at a time which is the most they allow and so I already get the full-pay discount. Yes I emailed my agent to see if there are other options. Mine is through Auto-Owners and bundled with my homeowner’s policy.

      I read online that a lot of people are seeing a 25% increase and that’s about what mine increased.

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        Not auto, but my condo insurance increased 50% this year out of nowhere!

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          My 16 yo son had an accident and totaled the car that was designated as his so now he’s listed under both cars remaining on our policy. Increased the cost by $1,000 for 6 months.

          Mainly in my husband’s Jetta since my car is a 2009.

          Give these a glance: How to lower auto insurance rates despite no claims and low mileage?

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            My husband just got a discount for letting them know that he’s married…he hadn’t updated that with them yet. It’s now cheaper than it was before it kept going up…They’re even sending him a refund from his most recent payment, he also pays for six months at a time.

            Maybe this will help someone else!

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              Mine went from $102 to $153. I shopped around and could not find a better price with the same coverage. No accidents or tickets.

              Both our cars are paid off and over 10 years old. One is only liability with uninsured motorists and the other full coverage.

              Pretty frustrating because I just got it down $50 by downgrading my husbands car since he only drives it once a week.

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                We pay annually. Ours went up ~19%. Shopping around, that seems to be the norm. Last year it went up ~14%. 0 accidents, tickets, claims, etc… Unreal.

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                  Yes. Google insurance brokers in your area and call a few to get rates if you want to save. Mine went up 20 percent last time, even after shopping around.

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                    $700 a year ago, added a teen to our policy in the fall and it doubled, and now, 6 months later, it’s $2200. It’s insanity.

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                      I’m an insurance broker with 35 carriers. Expect 25% increase on average and higher is Fl, Tx, CA. You can run but you can’t hide. You can put in the time shopping to be back to square one at next renewal. Not all carriers take rate increases at the same time. So that great savings you got won’t last by shopping, because that carrier just didn’t report the increase the same time your other carrier did.

                      Reinsurance is the driving factor linking all carriers together. Claims are costing close to double what they used to. (Labor shortages, parts harder to get, building materials are higher, cars on roads are more expensive to fix like Electric vehicles.

                      Now high reinsurance driving up premiums for catastrophic losses for insurance companies is cutting into the surplus claims paying money so the commissioner of insurance watches that. The only way to get surplus up is rate increases.

                      If not done fast enough the company is forced to close or merge with another carrier. We’ve soon so many mergers recently. Every carrier across the USA is in the same boat.

                      The general public has no idea how bad it got. It’s not talked about on the news. You find out when the renewal comes, blame the company or agent and shop. Those who have done this already know.

                      Those saying they found great deals yet, check back in at next renewal.

                      Additionally, consider: Is there a way to check why my car insurance is so high?

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                        I experienced the same thing! I work through an independent broker but current provider is Clearcover.

                        Would definitely be interested in others suggestions on providers.

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                          We bundle home and auto. Our home went up 70% at renewal. I obviously was not ok with that. I spoke to my agent who said it’s happening to everyone and it’s climate change (🤷🏼‍♀️).

                          Anyway, I asked her to work something else out and apparently every 3 years they can run a customer score and because we’ve never made a claim home or auto and because we pay on time, they were able to lower my car by $600/year and home by $400/year amounting to the exact amount our home had increased. Ironic. Anyway, they would have never done anything for me if I hadn’t asked.

                          So, keep advocating and pushing.

                          I think it’s criminal and insurance is a scam in general but, alas, a necessary evil.

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                            Yup, and if you’re in Florida.
                            Hold on to your horses.

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                              The insurance doesn’t cost more… your dollar simply buys less.

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                                It is happening everywhere. Cars are so much more expensive to fix than they were 5 years ago. Car insurance companies lost a lot of money, so they are trying to break even again.

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                                  Yes, this is a nationwide issue. Time to compare rates. It’s not just you. The national average increase is 25%. Crazy.

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                                    Mine recently increased with state farm (from 75 to 80 per month) & I hadn’t realized it increased until I called to change the vehicle & then it increased to 132.

                                    I’ve never experienced an increase since I haven’t had any accidents or anything; she ended up signing me up for their drive safe & save program so, we’ll see how that goes.

                                    Worth a look: Friendly reminder shop around for car insurance!

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                                      Modern cars cost way more to fix than legacy cars without ADAS systems. Those systems became widespread around 2020, when state insurance commissions had all heavily restricted the approved rate hikes, so now we are getting several years of increases all at once. Cars are more expensive to replace as well, which contributes.

                                      Similar issues are playing out in homeowners, in that boated asset replacement price is forcing the insurance cost upwards (increasing home prices are a bitch that way, and probably something we don’t actually want), and many insurers are pricing in worsening weather risk as major loss events have become more common thanks to climate change (yes, this is visible in the data).

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                                        Try to quote outside of an agent. Use to have an agent, and they swore they had the cheapest price, but once we just started calling places we found some less expensive options on our own. Went from Safeco to State Farm.

                                        State Farm is lower for us on same coverage as before.

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                                          Huge increase with Auto Owners in Michigan. Our agent said they are seeing unprecedented increases for everyone.

                                          We had two great claims experiences with AO (one car, one roof), so we are hesitant to leave. (We were with Liberty Mutual for many years and they were AWFUL on the one car claim we made after my car was hit.) I tried State Farm but one agent never responded and the other asked a few questions (via a staff member) but never followed through with a quote, which I decided didn’t bode well for their longer-term customer service either.

                                          Tough time right now for insurance!

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                                            Yes, same. 25% increase. Shopping around, I’m still getting the lowest price where I’m at. We also had increases for home and another exclusion from the home policy.

                                            No longer insured is earth movement including earthquake or sinkholes, must pay for separate endorsements for that coverage.

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                                              Yes! It’s absurd. It’s a result of all of the recent natural disasters and then vehicle’s appreciating and the parts shortage. The insurance companies are trying to make up their profits and some, which is discouraging since they made SO much during the pandemic, very short-sighted. It’s what drove the CPI, along with rents.

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                                                We just switched. We have been using a broker but didn’t realize they quote everywhere except State Farm. We went with Progressive for years because he showed us it was cheapest without disclosing they can’t quote Sate Farm. We just switched and it’s half for the exact same coverage.

                                                Just a point to make sure your broker is giving you all the options and shop around what they can’t quote. (But yes, ours is still crazy high for one vehicle and nothing on the driving record)

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