I was thinking about trying out Walmart+. What is everyone experience?

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      & When you have a delivery, is there an option to tip? If so, what % or flat dollar amount do you tip?

      Single dad of 2 here with a demanding career, so the time savings would outweigh the costs for me and help me be frugal with my time.

      Thank you for your insights.

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        If you just have Walmart+ you can leave a tip because they contract out Uber drivers to deliver. If you have Walmart+ and in home you can have them bring it inside for you if you’d like and you can’t tip because it’s hourly Walmart employees that bring it.

        I use this and still have them drop it off at my door because I have big dogs and don’t want to scare anyone. I save way more with the additional $45 for in home because I would tip at least $5 for each order and get deliveries sometimes twice a week.

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          I do Walmart pickup because I live out in the country so delivery isn’t a good option for me. I just swing by after work once a week and they always have it out to my car within 10 minutes of me arriving.

          Since it’s just the Walmart employees bringing them out, you can’t tip them.

          I choose the unbagged option and groceries go into a laundry basket I can just carry inside all at once!

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            I really enjoy it. It helps that one of our credit cards pays the monthly fee for us. There is an option to tip.

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              I love Walmart+. I use the delivery feature and tip 10%.

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                I’ve used for several years. Gives you a suggested tip for several percentages or you can add a “custom” tip. Always arrives on time and if they have to substitute something it’s always an upgraded product or larger amount. Saves time and energy for more important things.

                Highly recommend..

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                  I have it and I’m also a delivery driver. It’s awesome. I also get deliveries and we appreciate the tips more than you know.

                  This job wouldn’t be worth it if not for that. That’s awesome you even care and consider that.

                  There’s so much that comes with the service other than just delivery too.

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                    It’s alright. Most times they don’t bring to my door for signature like requested; they just leave in the outer lobby where anyone from the street can take. So maybe if you have a secure dropp location you may have a better experience.

                    It also comes with paramount plus & 10 cents off per gallon at mobil. Good luck

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                      I tip 10% for grocery delivery. I don’t want to load my own stuff and haul it up my stairs. So I feel like I should compensate fairly.

                      Takeout delivery gets less.

                      They just grab and go and they never even make sure all my stuff is there.

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                        I would just place the order online and pick it up, maybe on the way home from work. The folks who bring it out to your car are not allowed to accept tips so it’s the same price as walking inside to buy.

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                          I love it.

                          I have found that I don’t do impulse purchases now because I’m shopping from home off exact list. The tipping is totally up to you, the drivers are already paid a fee for the pickup and delivery.

                          With that said when I have something heavy like a lot of canned goods, I always make sure to tip good.

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                            I really enjoy it. There is an option to tip and I do, but I find it to be worth it for my time. I also enjoy paramount +. They usually run a deal on black Friday where it’s half off.

                            If you can I’d wait until then to get it, I still think it’s worth it at full price though.

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                              I price checked for two months, three grocery stores. Yes, worth it. I have orders delivered. You can add extra to your tip after the delivery, as well. I always look at the choice to either substitute if not available, or do not substitute. If left to shopper, sometimes I get surprised by what is not a substitute!

                              Definitely a great service.

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                                I love it!

                                I usually buy items on my lunch break to get delivered around when I get home. It is worth it to me because it prevents me from impulse buying and wasting time wandering around the store.

                                Plus you get free Paramount+ with it.

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                                  Being frugal I don’t use credit cards unless it’s an emergency. So, I haven’t signed up.

                                  I’m sure it’s convenient but, I don’t like seeing those charges on my card. I’ve heard lots of positive things about it though.

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                                    I love it and it saves me money because I don’t impulse buy like I do when I shop inside the store. I keep things in my cart and add things as I run out so I don’t forget anything. There is an option to tip but I tip in cash when they drop it off and the amount depending on how much or how heavy my order is. They will even bring it inside for me.

                                    I did have a problem with the wrong ice cream flavor (it wasn’t a substitute). I had added it for my neighbor.

                                    Instead of vanilla, they gave me coffee ice cream. But they refunded my money and told me to keep it. This ice cream was almost $9.

                                    You also get 10¢ off every gallon of gas (at certain gas stations) and free paramount+. So, it is definitely worth the $49.

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                                      It’s worth it for me since I order grocery delivery weekly w free delivery. There is an option to tip, and I usually tip at least 10 bucks, more for bigger orders.

                                      You also can stream Paramount Plus for free.

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