Any thoughts on VTI vs VOO?

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      PS: When I looked at longer term charts like 5yrs VOO seems to have outperformed VTI and provide double the returns.

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        Same fund, but I prefer VTI as it’s slightly more diversified.

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          Both ETF’s have performed very similarly in the past, it’s hard to say which is better. I have both, but in different accounts just because I couldn’t choose.

          With VTI though you do have some small-cap stock exposure.

          You can check also: What’s the difference between VOO and VFiax when they’re both tracking the s&p 500?

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            I like VIT but don’t think there is enough of a difference to worry about picking one over the other.

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              I like the slight extra diversity of VTI, but historically it hasn’t helped whatsoever.

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                Doesn’t matter. What I would recommend is using one to invest in regularly and then during down markets when your portfolio drops…and possibly creates a loss….sell your loss..AKA TAX LOSS HARVEST…lock it in on paper, and right away purchase the other ETF. itll grow essentially the same and you’ll pay less in taxes later on.

                Suggested: Was gonna put $500 into a brokerage account fund like VOO and $500 into my Roth in VTI?

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                  Enter and compare both in the Portfolio Visualizer and have an educated decision.

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                    Don’t overthink it. Pick one and go for it.

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                      Add SMH, returns beat VOO and VTI and are expected to continue to beat them because of AI.

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