After 13 years of paying for Netflix we decided to cancel

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      Yesterday was the last day that monkey was on our backs. I also cancelled my audible.

      My boyfriend said we should cancel our phones as well. I’m not ready for that. It’s only 25 per phone per month.

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        If you’re missing your audiobooks check out Libby and Hoopla! They’re apps that work with your library so you can borrow audiobooks for free on your mobile devices. I love them and they’re free.

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          Phone is a necessity, if u don’t work and r home and have a landline phone then ok .but a phone u need.

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            We also cancelled Netflix after having it for years. We don’t even miss it! There are lots of things to watch if you have a Roku and on YouTube.

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              If it’s a landline, makes sense since no one really uses a landline but cell phones are a necessity for wherever you are to be in touch, emergencies etc

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                You can get audiobooks for free using Libby from the public library system. I use it all the time.

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                  Do not cancel the cell phones check for prepay rates. Seriously $25 for 2 phones is not bad. Keep a land line if you live in an area that has emergency weather like tornados or hurricanes we found that out when we moved to FL saved our butts more than once when towers were out.

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                    I remember when we canceled cable and my kids were so upset! This weekend, we stayed overnight in a hotel with cable. We scrolled through and found nothing we wanted to watch except news! We wasted $ and so much time on cable tv.

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                      I just disconnected my landline after 30 years. The service was spotty and more often out of service than working. My bill was over 100 dollars a month whether I had any incoming or outgoing calls. Thats 1200 dollars a year saved.

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                        Not having a phone these days besides being incredibly inconvenient is also dangerous.

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                          Then how are you going to communicate to the outside world? What if you have an emergency?? His thought doesn’t make any logical sense.

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                            Home phone, go ahead and cancel if you mean that. Cellphone, don’t cancel that. Think of emergencies, contact with family, friends, etc.

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                              Suggest switching to mint mobile. I think they are the cheapest phone carrier at $15 per month.

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                                I would not cancel the cell phones. Women do not like being broke down on the side of the road door knocking to find a way to get ahold of someone. Not making multiple trips to the store cause we could not reach each other. Nope not having it. It is a safety thing for women. He can go without one if he wants to.

                                I bet that would change the narrative. We have been reducing our streaming services as well. We only get one at a time and cancel one after we binge watch our favorites on it. Since none of them can keep up with new content. We have been focusing on making our home more energy efficient to reduce our cooling & heating costs too. Insulation is a investment. We are saving for new flooring and windows next. Huge hurdle to save for.

                                Best wishes.

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                                  You need the phones for emergencies.

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                                    Do not cancel your cell phone plan. I’ve done it before to save money and REGRETTED it. You know what costs way more than $25 a month? Being stranded on the side of the road or being trapped and unable to call 911. Wifi is not enough. I almost died alone with my children because I couldn’t call myself an ambulance. Not worth it.

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                                      I would NEVER cancel my cellphone. In February of 2019, one of our son’s was killed by a hit and run driver, (no not found yet, but they have an idea who might know), anyway, we needed to call many family members and friends to tell them that as he lay in the hospital dying and unconscious, that if they wanted to say their last goodbyes to get there soon.

                                      I take my phone with me everywhere now, even in the bathroom, as I am afraid that one of my other kids or husband might be calling me to say their last goodbyes in case they are in an accident or something.

                                      Yes, I realize that a lot of you may thing that is silly, and that is okay, you do you. This same son, was in an accident 13 years prior, that left him disabled in some areas, so since that time I have been hypervigilant about phones, but this final accident that he died from, well that sealed it for me.

                                      Keep your phones.

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