Here’s my frugal tip – I refuse to pay for TV services

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      When the kids were young I paid almost $200/ month for satellite. Never again will I pay for TV.

      I have a good DVD collection and was fine with it for years. I got them for $1.50 where I used to work lol

      Last Mother’s Day one of the kids got me a roku. Great it is free TV.

      Then one of them added my TV to their Disney and Prime account, it didn’t cost them any extra. The other added netflix.

      This gives the grandkids their shows when they come over.

      One of my favorite shows from a long time ago went off Netflix before I saw season 8 and 9. So I downloaded a network for a free 7 day trial. saw my season 8 and 9 within the free 7 day trial.

      Would have loved to watch all 9 seasons but super happy I FINALLY got to see those last 2 seasons!!!

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        My husband has agreed to try it. He wants local live channels πŸ™„. I DC ont know anything about it but I am sure there is a way!

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          You are rocking it like I would if I was single. Hubby likes his TV…but he did recently switch us to an app so that does save from DishTV.

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            Don’t forget you can still buy/use an antennae for your tv. You usually can get a few local channels and PBS. For a one time $20 purchase, you can still watch new regular programming.

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              You should be able to get antenna tv with the local channels. You might have to have a booster installed on the antenna. That’s all I had for years and was happy with that. The only cost was the antenna, booster and I had someone install it. I had tv in every room in my house. ABC, NBC, CBD, FOX and 3 PBS channels.

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                I pay Netflix, Prime, Britbox and Discovery. All services I use regularly so all worth it. I use my parents Sky (I have their log in details) and in turn they have access to the services I use. I also have Apple Music which I love.

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                  right now target has a deal where you can get apple tv free for 4 months if you sign up for Target free rewards program. I just put on a note on my calendar to cancel about 3.5 months out – and some new stuff to watch.

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