How to find affordable prescription glasses online?

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      Hey. I know here we are all financially aware, well I am wondering glasses wearers how do you find affordable glasses? $300 a pair seems extreme!

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        I spend the $300 cause it’s something I wear every day. I’ve skipped on things over the years like anti-glare, thin lenses, cheaper frames, etc. to make it a cheaper bill and regretted it everyday for two years until it was time for my next pair. Haha

        I’ll add it’s only $300 when I get new frames. New lenses in between is like $100-$150. My frames can last between 2-5 years.

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            I know you aren’t asking about this, but I was actually thinking about it yesterday. I had PRK done in 2015 for less than $3000. I’m pretty sure that I’ve passed the break even point because I used to buy contacts and glasses. Not having to worry about glasses or contacts has been amazing.

            Oh, and I still have my receipt tucked away in my files so that I can use it to get money out of my HSA in the future.

            Don’t miss: What is the best place for contacts? I’m assuming the eye doctor is not going to be the best price! Any other tips?

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              Also, I would not recommend laser eye surgery. Eyes are not something you should mess with and many have had issues with chronic pain following the procedure.

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                  Get your prescription from your eye Dr for free over the phone, then go to Walmart and pick some frames. Mine were only 80.

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                    Insurance and fsa/hsa. I’ve considered Zenni, too, after I get my new prescription. At least for prescription sunglasses, maybe not my main glasses just because I like my current frames a lot. Lol

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                      Another vote for Costco

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                        Highly recommend laser eye surgery. I got it done 11 years ago & my vision is still perfect. It was a big outlay but in the long term, I’ve saved a fortune in glasses, sunglasses & contact lenses.

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                          I go in to somewhere local to get my prescription, then enter that information on the website. I get mine for about 160ish.

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                            I have bought my glasses at Costco for years now. Not the selection as others maybe, but a great price, quality and pretty quick.

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                              I use America’s Best buy 2 offer and with my insurance they run about $190 after tax. Every year I get my 2 children and myself 2 pairs of glassed each with the blue screen protection and 1 bifocal and 1 reading pair for myself. Is cheaper for me then any other place so far.

                              I am still looking for online glasses and companies which take my insurance. I would appreciate recommendations.

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                                I’ve gotten a pair at Eyebuydirect, which I loved and fit well, and two pairs at Zenni, one of which fit too big.

                                It’s sort of a guessing game if they’re going to fit right or you’re going to like them when you buy online, but the cost difference is huge.

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                                  Zenni. Great glasses. Over $300 at Vision Works and about $200 at Walmart are under $100 at Zenni with 50% lens thinning, low glare, blue light protection and Transition and +8 script which is really hard to find. If it was a lower prescription they’d be about $30.

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                                    Been using Zenni for years now. My current pair have been my pair for over 2 years. Durable and great quality. In fact, this reminds me I need my annual eye exam and probably a new pair. I think I paid like $25 lol.

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                                      Costco! We used to pay approx. $400 after insurance at a local glass place but now it’s around $120-140 at Costco with exact same insurance.

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                                        I have a very strong prescription and need expensive lenses, so mine end up costing $700+ at a regular place. Signed up for a Costco membership and the exact same ones were $180. Would be worth it for the membership if that’s all I bought all year.

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