What is the best place for contacts? I’m assuming the eye doctor is not going to be the best price! Any other tips?

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      Can we talk contacts? My 15-year old daughter starting needing vision correction last year. We bought her glasses last year, which she mostly refuses to wear (I understand – I was the same at that age).

      We had a contact evaluation and they gave her a few different ones and samples to last until we got back from vacation…which was a year ago (obviously she doesn’t wear them as much as she should).

      We do have some vision coverage now (around $130/year). Since she is not always as sanitary as she should be, I think daily contacts probably make sense (I did gas permeable, but I’m afraid she would get an infection from not cleaning regularly if we did a long-term route). I know some people wear them 2 days instead of 1, and I’m not completely opposed to that if it were me, but again, I have different thoughts for my teen vs me.

      So, what is the best place for contacts? I’m assuming the eye doctor is not going to be the best price! Any other tips?

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        I’ve been wearing contacts for 40 years, I started as a teen. Your daughter needs to take contact care seriously. Not knowing where you live, another option might be to get multiple pairs of glasses in different shapes and styles. Near me there is a vision chain that sells 2 pairs for $100.

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          I started rigid lenses in 5th grade. In each morning and out each night right along with brushing teeth. Non-negotiable.

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            I always shop around..sometimes Walgreens on line has promo codes..really depends on the specific brand of lenses… Walmart and 1-800 contacts used to be the same for ordering… defo encourage proper wearing…I wouldn’t stretch it… when I was younger I did, bc I didn’t know better… dailies are def the healthiest way to wear lenses… I’m also a slacker when it comes to proper cleaning of the lens during storage etc…so I find throwing them out nightly is easiest…but def costs more…
            I’m not a candidate for lasik… is that an option for her?

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              You can try to encourage your daughter to comply with what you know she needs but unless she wants to there isn’t much you can do. Point blank ask her what she wants to do and what she thinks the consequences are for her decision, the rest is up to her let her figure it out.

              My son needed glasses I bought him a cool expensive pair he didn’t and still doesn’t wear them unless he gets headaches but he is in control so I was able to let it go (easier said than done) and didn’t even consider getting him contacts and if the glasses come up missing he’s paying for the next pair. Consequences are valuable life lessons…

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                As a lifetime eye care professional, I would never provide contacts to a kid that is cavalier about their care. In a perfectly world no kid gets contacts until they wear and take care of their glasses.

                Teenagers are not mature enough to decide to wear their vision correction and failing to enforce wearing a needed vision rx can result in problems like poor performance in schools and dangerous driving.

                Don’t forget that even dailies can be overworn and can damage the eyes if the wearer is not compliant with instructions and they are quite expensive. Good luck finding a solution that meets your and your kids needs.

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                  If she cannot take care of her eyes with contacts, she does not need contacts.

                  Due to a silicon allergy (that we weren’t aware of) I got ulcers from contacts. They literally ate wholes in my eyes. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever been in. In my entire life.

                  I’d rather give birth, break my knee cap, recover from tonsillectomy and shatter my ankle again than have another eye ulcer.

                  The eye doctor said the ulcer could also come from contacts not being used correctly with clean hands.

                  It’s not worth it. If she can’t take care of her eyes she doesn’t need contacts. It’s a natural consequence. When she shows she is mature enough for contacts, then revisit this.

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                    Cornea transplant cost are not frugal. Money savings can be very costly in the long run. Eyes cannot be replaced. Cash can.

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                      I wear dailies and my process to purchase is to go to Rakuten and see what sellers they have. I then compare all the prices plus the cash back I get from Rakuten. Sometimes 1800 contacts is the best while others it’s Walgreens or aclens. Some sites also have promo codes so you have to look at the end price to see what’s best.

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                        I’m not here to tell you where to buy them from. I’m here to tell you not to mess around with how long you wear any type of contacts. I would wear mine too long (both the kind you take out at night and dailies) and now have scar tissue on my retina and cornia and may one day need a transplant. Considering the other eye ended up with a detached retina with a loss of some vision and depth perception I could be in serious trouble later. Only wear your contacts as prescribed!!

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