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      I made a great financial investment today… In my mental health by hiring a professional counselor for $125/week.

      If you only invest in financial wellness, you’ll lose your WHY along the way.

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        I’m a numbers person who was blessed with a daughter with an extremely high EQ (emotional quotient). In middle school, she would question if I REALLY thought my proposed responses to issues were appropriate. I was humbled pretty quickly.

        Luckily, she found the proper life direction (not accounting like her mom) and is helping others as an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker). So proud of her accomplishments and her continued patience with her low EQ mom!

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          I agree with you 💯

          I FIRE’d last year. Although I was “financially” prepared, I had several unexpected challenges that I needed my therapist to help me work through. This freedom journey is so much more than dollars and cents.

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            I am a therapist who sometimes struggles to own the monetary value of my work- so I appreciate this post!

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              Two things that we invested in this year: therapy and academic tutoring. Worth every penny and then some. Both have been instrumental in reducing the stress level for everyone in the family and enjoying life more.

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                Good for you…

                We did something similar years ago, hubs was struggling w addiction / depression. Decided to take a leave of absence of a year to go thru extended counseling in house and outpatient to find root of cause. Struggled financially abut but here we are, years later, still together and both on our feet, happy, humble, grateful living our best lives.

                Do what’s best for you.

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