How to lower auto insurance rates despite no claims and low mileage?

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      Auto insurance. I’m fed up with increase after increase. My daughter and I are the only drivers. No claims. We live and work in a small town. I work from home and she drives literally less than 5 miles to work. State Farm is telling me it’s because our state has so many claims and they pass the hikes to all drivers, not just those who have claims. I personally think they are raising rates just because they can and are handing out this generic answer to appease those who don’t question them. $290 for 2 drivers, 1 car per month. Am I out of line for thinking we’re being robbed? If you’ve dealt with this issue, what did you do to get lower rates?

      TIA for any guidance!

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        If it’s $290 total for 2 cars for a 6-month term you need to send them flowers.

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          I was quoted $220 for one car with no accidents or tickets in years. They’re raising rates on everyone and it is definitely corporate greed.

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            We switched to Erie. Even after being with Allstate for MANY years. Erie has amazing service too.

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              I pay 248.00 a month for full coverage on 2 cars, a 2016 Subaru and a 2023 Toyota for me-I am 60 and my 24 y/o son. State Farm in Georgia.

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                What state? I’m in CA, and had a 30% rate increase, I was told rates are increase because the cost of things is increasing and thus my policy needs to adjust.

                I had to have my 2022 Honda windshield replaced it was $1,200….the insurance paid it, but I was appalled at the price.

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                  We pay 980 per month for 3 cars. Had a house fire and two cars were in the garage nobody will touch us we are stuck.

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                    State Farm 3 cars $490/month. Ours never goes down, only increases.

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                      You don’t mention how old your daughter is, but I’m paying about $350 a month for full coverage on two vehicles for me and my 16 year old in the North Dallas Texas suburbs.

                      What’s killing me is the doubling of my homeowners insurance every year with no claims.

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                        Personally, that sounds like a great rate, I pay just under $400 for myself every 6 months, work from home so very little driving and own a 16-year-old vehicle, and bundle that with renters insurance.

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                          That’s crazy. I would shop around for a new rate.

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                            I was paying 350/month for two vehicles in PA. Switched to Erie and my rate was cut in half with better coverage.

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                              Statefarm lost like $13 billion last year so yea their prices are raising for sure. Most insurance places are but maybe not as bad as state farm.

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                                That is honestly not bad. It doesn’t matter how much you drive. That doesn’t affect your rate at all. You can drive 5 miles to work or 59 miles to work and it will not affect your rate. Your agent is absolutely right, and they are not lying to you.

                                Source: former agent here.

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                                  Car insurance is such a scam. It rarely benefits the policy holder. If you have a fender bender in the amount of a few thousand or less in damage, the insurance company raises rates for the next 12-24 months to repay themselves.

                                  If it wasn’t the law I would’ve be paying for it.

                                  Have you seen: Just called my auto insurance company, State Farm and they don’t give discounts for retired or disabled customers but…

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                                    Dealing with this myself right now.. and that’s the song-and-dance I got. Doesn’t matter anymore how good of a driver YOU are.. YOU have to make up for all the bad ones.

                                    Makes me think of grade school where one kid did something wrong and you all got punished for it.

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                                      State Farm has gone crazy. They quoted my parents, both of whom have stellar records and 80 years of driving experience between them, $3k a year for two drivers and a car. Like wtf. Fortunately, I was able to add them to my policy (I’m with GEICO) and it equaled about $500/year.

                                      They were with State Farm for over 40 years, too.

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                                        That way over the board. Try Esurance- an online only company. Two cars, full coverage 129 a month. We have this company for many years, had some accidents and love their services.

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                                          USAA pulled that on me. They were like more claims in your state, marital status and age bracket (Kentucky/41/single) to attempt to justify them raising my rates by double. I called around and Staye Farm was the lowest but I drive a 2021 Kia with a key and they refuse to write policies for them because of thefts. Geico was the next best and were nearly $1k less than USAA. But you only pay $290 every 6 months so $48.33 a month and basically $24.17 a month per person? I’m assuming you don’t have full coverage then. I’m paying $110 a month but Kentucky also requires PIP so yeah. I’d be THRILLED for $290 total every 6 months for two drivers.

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                                            That is crazy! My husband and I have State Farm and we pay $160 per month for two vehicles, both have $100 deductibles and roadside assistance. My husband drives 100 miles per day for work and I drive a total of 15 miles per day for work.

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