Is it possible for a single woman aged 50 to retire comfortably in the US with $1 million?

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      Seeking Advice: Can a single 50-year-old woman retire comfortably in the US with $1 million, assuming she lives until age 100? I’m curious about the feasibility and potential strategies for achieving financial security in retirement with this amount. Any insights, tips, or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!

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        With a 50-year time horizon, she would need to have a withdrawal rate below 4% since that has proven to support a retirement of 30 years rather than 50. If the withdrawal rate were 3.25%, that would be $32,500 a year. Taxes would be due so she’d have a bit less than that to live on.

        Of course, SS will come into play after a decade or two so that should be factored in as well.

        Seems pretty tight to me.

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          Depends what your expenses are. I would say yes, it’s definitely possible.

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            No, keep working for another 12 years, and investing as much as possible. Once at 2.5 re evaluate.

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              Well if by US you consider Puerto Rico you absolutely can.

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                I’d be concerned about my health in my later years and needing more money for care in those years. I wouldn’t per se retire at 50, but go for my second act. Or Barista FIRE for benefits.

                I wouldn’t be touching my million at 50.

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                  Possibly, depending on lifestyle, expenses etc. I’d work full time a few more years personally. The other option is work part time.

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                    You didn’t speculate what age of retirement or what level of services one might qualify. And as others pointed out expenses are a huge factor.

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                      Depends on your lifestyle. Do you cook all your meals at home. Do you want to travel in retirement? What is your living situation? People ask these questions without any kind of details on their plans in retirement.

                      Everyone’s need will be different and based on their situation and plans in retirement.

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                        My mom spends less than $8k a year. She has been retired for 6 years now. Some years it’s less than that. She only travels once a year (if I ask her to come with me) and only goes to church, the grocery store, and the feed store.

                        Her house and truck are paid for and she lives in a 1000 Sq ft home so electricity, water, and gas bills are minimal.

                        She spends most of her time gardening and tending to chickens and other animals.

                        All of that to say, It’s completely possible depending on your life style.

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                          *might* live to 100. If you’re super frugal (i.e.: 30k spending per year) and willing to be 100% global equity with flexible spending rule, it’s possible. I’d guess it’s about as likely you won’t run out of money, as the likelihood you’ll live to 100 – like 1-2%

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                            You can keep yourself warm dry and fed in a LCOL or MCOL area, assuming the nest egg is your only source of income.

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