Pure Leaf sweet tea – Would you still drink it?

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      I know most “best by” dates are just kind of suggestions but I wanted to get opinions on some bottled tea. I forgot I had a pack of Pure Leaf sweet tea that has a date of Nov 22. Would you still drink it?

      Thanks for your insight!

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        I agree my stomach went flip when I didn’t it know it was past the used by date with this brand of ice tea. other brands I had no problem.

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          I’ve had out of date pure leaf tea before and it was absolutely horrid. One sip and I was sick for 3 days.

          Try at your own risk.

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            A bottled tea product is processed with additives and tea is a vegetable product that will degenerate over time. Water is water and not a processed food so it should keep…

            Once we forgot s loaf of bread in back of car three months later it still looked perfect- what chemicals were added to keep it looking so fresh?

            B.T.W. Don’t forget to take a look at: How to clean tea marks from carpet?

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              I would. I once had an opened bottle of Evian water that was 3 years out of date and I still drank it.

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                If it’s shelf stable / comes from center-store, and is unopened, disregard best by dates.

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