What do you believe is the best way to improve your finance?

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      I would advise everyone to start owning various assets early ranging from stock indexes to properties, from rentals to estates and never be afraid to ask for help when basic understanding fails, else I won’t have found an opportunity to succeed where others fail. I really don’t mind sharing this information with others now especially my swing trade routine which accumulated $2m in 13 months.

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        Track your finances in excel. You can’t know where you are going without knowing where you are.

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          Income is the number one tool for building wealth. From there, discipline.

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            Don’t buy crap you don’t need, just to keep up with everybody else.

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              Live below your means, save the difference, invest in low cost index funds, wait.

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                Spend less than you make and invest the difference. Make more so you can invest more. Don’t buy useless stuff you don’t need.

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                  Aquire skills to raise your income. Then cut out the big things that prevent you from saving as much as you could.

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                    Pay off credit cards. Bite the bullet and start saving and investing now with whatever amount you can put aside. Pay yourself first. Stop putting it off until you think that you can afford to. You can do both simultanously. Chart your destiny and progress. Be consistent.

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