Hidden Gem: Local Cafes Offer Affordable and Delicious Dining

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      We rarely eat out anymore due to the expense and quality of the food. However, earlier this month I picked up McDonald’s for lunch and was shocked that it cost $38 for 3 people and that’s without buying drinks.

      Well, on Saturday our daughter took us out for lunch to a local mom & pop hole in the wall cafe downtown.

      The food was delicious, service was excellent and the total came to $22! For 3 people.

      So, I suggest if you want to go out for lunch find a local hole in the wall place and you may also find it a much better option.

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        I totally agree! I went to a local bakery last weekend for one of their home-made muffins. Well, I left with a box of 3 cookies, 2 brownies, and 1 muffin… total was $8!!! (And no, I don’t have a rewards card or a deal of any kind) I was super shocked!

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          Just went to Arby’s. 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks and 4 pc cheese sticks $22.04. And that was with a senior discount.

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            Yes! I swung through McDonald’s late night a couple weeks ago for a large fry and a small milkshake. It was $9!

            I couldn’t believe it. Never again. I’d rather go to a local ice cream shop and get a decent tasting milkshake for a better price.

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              Absolutely. And look at apps & coupons for eating out. So much cheaper!

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                I have found the exact same thing. A sit down is almost always cheaper now then “fast food”. It’s also healthier and way more filling.

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                  I use the app in McDonalds. I ordered their Meal Deal using the daily 20% off coupon.
                  2 Big Macs
                  20 Nuggets
                  2 Med Fries

                  It fed 2 adults and 3 kids in a hurry!

                  The McDonald’s app is the only way i eat there. It has incredible deals!

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                    Local places at least make food fresh and its not Chinese fake food nuggets. Nothing against the people of china. But mcDs food is def nothing healthy.

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                      I totally agree with you: generally speaking family restaurants/cafes will give you big portions and cost less. Plus you’re supporting the local economy instead of corporations.

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                        Very true. We have an awesome burger place in town owned by a well known chef. You can get a freshly ground burger with interesting seasonings and toppings plus fries for about $12.

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                          Oh my gosh, that’s so terrible. Whenever considering McDonalds, just remind yourself it’s not even food. It’s dog food quality. Why blow even $6 on a burger? Glad you found a great alternative!

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